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Hotel aqua hotel promenade

Hotel aqua hotel promenade

Pg.  Maritim, 7.
Pineda de Mar, 08397
(Fora de Barcelona)


Teléfono reservas:
Tel. (+34) 93 343 79 93
Fax (+34) 93 317 11 55

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Hotel aqua hotel promenade:

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Costa Barcelona, Barcelona

3 estrellas (***)

Hotel céntrico situado en el Paseio Marítimo de Pineda de Mar y en primera linea de playa.

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web (07/04/2009 18:43:00)
Very nice staff .Our objective was visiting Barcelona so we did not have much time to really enjoy our room. They had a great breakfast. A very quiet place, full of old couples and some children family!


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