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Barcelona On Line, authorized tourist information web site about Barcelona. Findout how to come, low cost and other airlines flying to and from Barcelona, what to visit, where to go, to eat and where to sleep. Find unbiased information about Barcelona restaurants, bars and discos. Read our visitor comments to help you review Barcelona hotels and hostels. Alternative accommodation, such as our fully equipped self-catering Barcelona apartments. Online Barcelona bookings, information and resources for citizens and visitors in a Barcelona break, on holidays or vacations, or for business and corporate travellers.

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Cap d'any a l'hotel Princesa Sofía de Barcelona - 12/17/2009
Per dir-li adéu a l'any 2009, res millor que un sopar de gala i ball de disfresses. Vine al Barcelona hotel Princesa Sofia . Tria només el sopar de Gala o el paquet d'habitació més Sopar!!! Truca: +34 933 437 993

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