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Free Barcelona Roadbook for children - Download Gaudi's Barcelona roadbook

Gaudi roadbook Discover the special family program we have created: Barcelona Gaudí Children Road Book (free download Barcelona Gaudí Children Road Book).

Nota: this document is protected by por copyright. You can download it for a PRIVATE use, but not redistribute it (you may send our URL to your friends), and it is strictly prohibited to sell or distribute its contents. Should you need the answers, write a mail to: mar ke ting @barcelona-on-line.es

A quiz booklet, with questions and answers, little games, pictures and drawings to help you children discover Gaudi's city in a funny way! This book offers you thousands of ways to have fun with your family, or if you prefer, with one of our tour guides who will make all of your visits happier. Use it as you please: as a test after each and every visit or even as a way to keep your little ones attention! You can also choose to turn you touring into a "gimkana" or in a real treasure hunt…

A booklet easy to understand, within any child's reach, yet sufficiently detailed in order to provide you with the better understanding and to help you find out more about Gaudi in a different way. You'll find accurate details about him and his works such as: Parc Guell, Casa Batllo, Casa Milà, the very famous Sagrada Familia…

Tested by our own children turned into one-day-tourists of their own dear city, it is a walking tour + bus (nº 24 from Pº de Gràcia to Parc güell and nº 92 from Parc güell to Sagrada Familia) tour starting from 9am to 1.30pm. You can enjoy the outward beauty of each monument without any obligation to enter (except for the Parc Guell which is totally FREE).

Who really was Gaudi? An animated and colourful explication of the "oh so famous" Catalan architect who knew how to set his style promoting at the same time the Catalan culture. Download here our treasure hunt booklet and enjoy the beauty of the fascinating city of Barcelona.

And if you wish to receive guided tours and activities proposals, drop us a mail at information about tours in Barcelona

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