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Barcelona is definitively a shopping city. Look here for hundreds of shopping places, and find the ones you want by filling in the form:

Name: Write the name, if you know it. If you don't remember the full name... no sweat: just write some of the letters (enough to get a consistent listing). Remember not to put the articles, or to write them at the end.


Don't write "LA BOTIGA DEL PAPER", but do try whichever of the following: "PAPER" or "BOTIGA DEL PAPER" or "BOTIGA DEL PAPER, LA"

Category: Select here the kind of place you're looking for, or the kind of article you want to buy, for instance food, computers or children's clothes.

Zone: You may select the part of town where you want to shop. Would you rather look for a Mall, a bit out of the centre, look for the stylish boutiques on the Diagonal, Passeig de Grącia or Rambla Catalunya, or look small charming shops in the centre itself? Have a look at the listing of neighbourhoods, and if you're not familiar with the City, first consult our general map. And if you do not wish to go to a particular place, then don't select any zone.

Arrange the results: Once you have selected one or a combination of criterion to realize your search, you can ask for the results to be arranged:

- According to global votes: that is to say the general preferences of our surfers.

- According to the votes of a determined group: look what young, adults or tourist have voted best.

- Simply alphabetically arranged: a, b, c, d....

The only step left is to click on the "search" button, and Barcelona On Line will report, in very few seconds, the listings resulting of your selection. If the arrangement is alphabetical, you'll get them from "a" to "z"; if it is is by votes, you'll first see the best voted places.


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