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Name and lifestyle
When reaching the general menu, you'll be prompted to enter your name or alias, and the lifestyle with which you feel you best identify (young, adult, tourist...). Please feel free to fill in the form. The aim is to personalize the interaction, and it will allow you, if you so decide, to filter the information accordingly.


There is almost a thousand restaurants, among the best in the City to choose from!!! Would you care for Indian food in the neighbourhood of GrÓcia? Just select the cuisine and zone accordingly. Somebody told you about a real nice place, but you just can't remember where it's supposed to be? Search by name, and we'll find it for you. Enter the full name... or only a few letters. For instance, if you enter "planet", the listings will give you Planet Hollywood and Planet Greece. Don't put articles in front: "El Merendero de la Mari" wouldn't find anything, when "Merendero" or "Merendero de la Mari, El" would return the right listing.

If you're on a budget, or you wish to invite somebody, this is an item you can use to filter your findings. And above all, you know that word of mouth is the best of recommendations... so feel free to read what other people have to say about these places, and please help us and other surfers, with your vote and your comments!...


No less than six search criterions will help you find the accomodation you need: the name, category (one to five stars, hostels and budget accomodation), the neighbourhood, services and our vote-fueled classification. If you or some friends are about to spend a few days in Barcelona, and say you're looking for a four stars hotel, with swimming pool, in or close to the centre, and in a determined price range, Barcelona On Line will find it for you!!!

Bars anf discos
You'll find all the best places in Barcelona, open during the day, at night, or until the small hours, classified so you can find the one you'll enjoy most. Search by name, by category, or geographically... and according to your lifestyle. For instance, where in the name of God might you find a place open, past 5 a.m., when in the Barri G˛tic?... As always, remember to read your fellow surfers' comments, and toleave your own!!! You know these places go by, get in and out of fashion, or just change so quickly, it's a good idea to try and know more.

Click shopping this item, and you'll find the most relevant shopping places in the City. You can choose from a number of categories, or get the whole listing. You can discriminate your search according to neighbourhoods. You can get the listing sorted alphabetically, or according to the votes of our surfers (global votes or according to your lifestyle).

We're sure you didn't figure Barcelona had so many museums, so different and interesting? Just click on museums, and the doors of culture will open for you. You'll find all the basics you need to know about our museums (price and discounts, time schedule, how to get there, ...).

Whatever you're in Barcelona for, a business trip, tourism, or even a longer stay, this is a place that has a lot in store for you. Let us be your guide, click and you'll find:

Practical information: an overview of the City and Catalunya, the lenguage, the folklore, the communications, the tourist information centres.

Transport: a guide through all kind of transportation in the City, be it public, private or touristic.

Visit Barcelona: monuments, singular buildings, cultural, touristic and historical walks through Barcelona

Museums: access to the above mentioned listings.

Shopping: a short guide of what and where to buy in Barcelona.

Gastronomy: discover Catalan cuisine and the best restaurants in the City.

Going out: how to spend a quiet or not so quiet night in Barcelona. Get organized and find out about the best places.

Visiting Catalunya: for one or a few days trips out of Barcelona, here are a few suggestions on some of the marvels the region offers.


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