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The information you'll get for every place is: Complete direction, with telephone and fac-similé number, Zip code, neighbourhood, Postal District, Category or speciality, average price, etc.

Votes: With Barcelona On Line, you can vote the places you've visited (actually or virtually). Look for the three theatrical masks. The yellow or smiling one is the one you want to click on, when you're happy with the place (good service, good quality, good value, nice people). The green one - a straight face- means the place is, in your opinion, regular. The red face - a sad or disappointed one- means you have not really been happy with the experience.

Ranking: When voting, whichever option you choose will directly affect the rating of the place, on a 1 to 10 points scale. A yellow vote will help the place climb up the ranking (remember the place are arranged from best to worst according to votes).

Comments: You can develop on your opinions. Apart from voting, let everybody know exactly what you think of a particular place. Just click on the image with the word "comments" and you'll get to the dialog that will help you know what other people think of the place, and also let you write your own opinions: which item of the menu you specially recommend, that you loved or abhorred the decoration, etc.
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