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Barcelona hotels is what our official information guide is about, since 1996. All our hotels are approved and almost all belong to the Barcelona Hotel association (Gremi d'hotels de Barcelona - gremio de hoteles de Barcelona). Book online or on the phone. It's the hotel's ownoffer so you'll always get the best available price, information and service. Browse offers and last minute deals or packages. Search and find good value, low cost no frills and cheap hotels in Barcelona. Specialized hotels, boutique hotels, luxury hotels, gay friendly ones; emblematic buildings, hotels with charme and incredible gastronomic proposals, equipped with spa and wellness installations or with meeting rooms for executives. All meeting rooms, for your events.

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Barcelona hotels

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Special offers in a wide range of hotels. Hotel accommodations from 50 euros and 20% off in our apartments prices. Special offers in a wide range of hotels. Hotel accommodations from 50 euros and 20% off in our apartments prices. Special offers in a wide range of hotels. Hotel accommodations from 50 euros and 20% off in our apartments prices. Special offers in a wide range of hotels. Hotel accommodations from 50 euros and 20% off in our apartments prices.
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