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Gay Pride Day - 06/15/2006
Gays, lesbians and transsexuals are going to march once again along the streets of Barcelona on June 28 to claim like year by year their rights like year by year . This date of the Gay Pride then is a very special one for a collective who has decided to show his sexual identity in a festive atmosphere in which everyone can participate, whatever his gender or sexual orientation.

The different associations of Barcelona which represents that sector of the population will show their identity through colorful floats which will go along the streets of the Catalan capital. The cavalcade is without a doubt one of the most attracting activities of the celebration. However, the intention of this direction which will start at Plaza Universidad at 6p.m remains a appealing way to demonstrate in favor of the sexual liberty.

Previous history

This festival considered nowadays as popular was born in Barcelona in 1977, when a group of gays and lesbians were arrested by police as they were walking down Las Ramblas for a while. This was the beginning of a day which has made more and more followers in Madrid and Barcelona.

The example of the great repercussion that had this celebration is its more than 50.000 participants that have carried on enjoying a entertaining day, according to the organizing institutions.


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