11/2/2011 More information
Hotel Arts Barcelona opens a new space gourmet cuisine
XXX Restaurant chefs invite you to discover your new summer menu.
27/1/2011 More information
FC Barcelona 5 - 0 UD Almería
24/1/2011 More information
FC Barcelona 3 - 0 Racing
20/1/2011 More information
Real Betis 3 - 1 FC Barcelona
17/1/2011 More information
FC Barcelona 4 - 1 Malaga CF
13/1/2011 More information
Deportivo 0 - 4 FC Barcelona
13/1/2011 More information
FC Barcelona 5 - 0 Real Betis
7/1/2011 More information
Athletic Club 1 - 1 FC Barcelona
3/1/2011 More information
FC Barcelona 2 - 1 Levante UD
20/12/2010 More information
RCD Espanyol 1 - 5 FC Barcelona
14/12/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 5 - 0 R.Sociedad
1/12/2010 More information
Barcelona apartments occupancy in november 2009: 51,34%
Apartur, the trade association of Barcelona tourist apartments, has released the information regarding the occupancy ratio of apartments in Barcelona: 51,34% of total available nights were sold in November. A low level of occupancy but logical in a month with little or few events and, though the climate has been really nice, not the preferred month to travel.
30/11/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 5 - 0 Real Madrid
22/11/2010 More information
UD Almeria 0 - 8 FC Barcelona
15/11/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 3 - 1 Villarreal CF
11/11/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 5 - 1 AD Ceuta
8/11/2010 More information
Getafe CF 1 - 3 FC Barcelona
3/11/2010 More information
Copenhague 1 - 1 FC Barcelona
2/11/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 5 - 0 Sevilla FC
29/10/2010 More information
AD Ceuta 0- 2 FC Barcelona
29/10/2010 More information
80% of tourist apartments occupied in October in Barcelona
25/10/2010 More information
Zaragoza 0 - 2 FC Barcelona
21/10/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 2 - 0 Copenhague
19/10/2010 More information
The "Fonda España" of Barcelona converted into an hotel
18/10/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 2 - 1 Valencia CF
4/10/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 1 - 1 RCD Mallorca
4/10/2010 More information
Last reviews and comments
See last comments and <a href="">reviews for Barcelona hotels</a>, apartments, restaurants, etc... as well as <a href="">Madrid hotels</a>.
27/9/2010 More information
Athletic Club 1 - 3 FC Barcelona
23/9/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 1 - Sporting Gijón
20/9/2010 More information
Atlético 1- 2 Barcelona
15/9/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 5 - 1 Panathinaikos
13/9/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 0 – 2 Hércules
9/9/2010 More information
Ryanair lands to the El Prat airport, Barcelona
8/9/2010 More information
The tourism in Barcelona picks up again
8/9/2010 More information
A fragrance for Arts Hotel Barcelona
6/9/2010 More information
La Rambla of Barcelona in renovation
30/8/2010 More information
Racing Santander 0 - 3 FC Barcelona
26/8/2010 More information
Discover Barcelona with your mobile
25/8/2010 More information
Catalonia: one of the most favourite destinations in Spain
20/8/2010 More information
Shooting of Shakira's new clip in Barcelona
20/8/2010 More information
Apple opens its first store in Barcelona
18/8/2010 More information
a 30% decrease of visits at the Tibidabo park of Barcelona
16/8/2010 More information
Sevilla 3 - FC Barcelona 1
28/7/2010 More information
The bullfights prohibited in Catalonia
26/7/2010 More information
ban bullfighting in Catalonia or not?
21/7/2010 More information
26 flights cancelled at the Barcelona's airport El Prat
19/7/2010 More information
The brasilian Adriano signed for 4 years in the FC Barcelona team
16/7/2010 More information
The Final Four of Euroleague 2010/2011 in Barcelona
14/7/2010 More information
renovation of major suburban stations in Barcelona
12/7/2010 More information
Barcelona celebrated the victory of the Spanish football team
8/7/2010 More information
Barcelona: a prototype to detect vacant parking spaces
5/7/2010 More information
Joan Gaspart: one euro tax per person and per stay in Barcelona
30/6/2010 More information
Apartur: Barcelona apartment rentals occupancy June 2010: 74,3%
15/6/2010 More information
Sandro Rossell, the new president of FC Barcelona
9/6/2010 More information
Joan Gaspart: hotel prices in Barcelona can go up 15-20%
9/6/2010 More information
Barcelona holiday rentals may 2010: 75% occupancy
26/5/2010 More information
Barcelona and Madrid, among the 50 best cities to live in.
20/5/2010 More information
Barcelona, second on ICCA's events industry ranking.
19/5/2010 More information
Barcelona Ciutat Vella District: Assumpta Escarp is the new mayor.
17/5/2010 More information
Barcelona: the Diagonal's referendum failure
16/5/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 4 - Valladolid 0: Barça league's champion
15/5/2010 More information
Barcelona 2010 (Athletics Championship) and Barcelona Tourism promotion agreement
12/5/2010 More information
The Glassroom. New unique venue in Barcelona.
11/5/2010 More information
Barcelona apartments. April 2010' occupancy: 75%
According to the survey conducted monthly by Apartur, the occupation has neared 75% this past April, thanks in particular to a good Easter.
9/5/2010 More information
Sevilla 2 - FC Barcelona 3
5/5/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 4 - Tenerife 1
4/5/2010 More information
Shanghai exhibition: the Barcelona stand receives high chinese officials
4/5/2010 More information
Barcelona bids for cemeteries tourism
2/5/2010 More information
Vila-Real 1 - FC Barcelona 4
1/5/2010 More information
Ploughing machines for the beaches of Barcelona.
29/4/2010 More information
New Roman ruins in Barcelona.
28/4/2010 More information
No to semi-naked in Barcelona.
28/4/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 1 - Inter Milan 0 - No final for Barcelona
28/4/2010 More information
The facade of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona, restored
25/4/2010 More information
Xerez 0 - 2 FC Barcelona
23/4/2010 More information
Catalonia and Barcelona expect some rain for this Sant Jordi's day (Saint Georges)
23/4/2010 More information
ACAV (Catalan asoc. of travel agencies) believes that airlines have been at fault during the incident of the volcano
23/4/2010 More information
Barcelona: ACAV poses to strengthen the Role of Travel Agencies
23/4/2010 More information
The Catalan Agency for Tourism seeks the French market.
21/4/2010 More information
Inter Milan 3 - FC Barcelona 1
20/4/2010 More information
Inter of Milan 3 - FC Barcelona 1
19/4/2010 More information
New projects in Barcelona airport
19/4/2010 More information
Spanair: intercontinental flights of its own in Barcelona in 2012
19/4/2010 More information
Barcelona airport: Vueling veers to the east.
19/4/2010 More information
Espanyol 0 - FC Barcelona 0
18/4/2010 More information
Barcelona and Girona airports closed or with problems: ask for alternative transport
15/4/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 3 - Deportivo 0
13/4/2010 More information
Spain: recovery of air transport
11/4/2010 More information
Real Madrid 0 - FC Barcelona 2
7/4/2010 More information
Barcelona City Novotel opens its doors
7/4/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 4 - Arsenal 1
6/4/2010 More information
New director for Mandarin hotel Barcelona
6/4/2010 More information
Apartur: Barcelona apartment rentals occupancy March 2010: 60%
6/4/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 3 - Arsenal 1
5/4/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 4 - Athletic de Bilbao 1
1/4/2010 More information
Arsenal 2 - FC Barcelona 2
29/3/2010 More information
Exclusive offer hotel Nuevo triunfo Barcelona
29/3/2010 More information
Record sailing between New York and Barcelona
On 12 April 2010, the ships "W Hotels" and "Estrella Damm will be leaving New York, heading to Barcelona to try to set a record for sailing between the two cities.
29/3/2010 More information
Barcelona Madrid AVE: faster still
RENFE announced that towards the end of the year maximum speed of AVE fast train between Madrid a- Barcelona will go from 300 to 350 km / h.
28/3/2010 More information
Mallorca 0 - FC Barcelona 1
26/3/2010 More information
Barcelona hotels expect 85% occupancy for Easter
26/3/2010 More information
Alimentaria fair: 76% occupancy for Barcelona apartments rentals
24/3/2010 More information
Apartment Barcelona Avinyo A: special advance booking offers
23/3/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 4 - Zaragoza 2
19/3/2010 More information
Taste Crema Catalana at Restaurant Can Cortada in Barcelona
18/3/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 3 - Stuttgart 0
18/3/2010 More information
Barcelona Hotel Diagonal Zero: exclusive 10% advance booking discount
18/3/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 3 - Valladolid 0
16/3/2010 More information
Special offer Barcelona hotel Junior (Sunotel)
16/3/2010 More information
Special offer Barcelona hotel AC Barcelona
15/3/2010 More information
FC Barcelona - Valencia: 3-0
15/3/2010 More information
Norwegian Jade 5 star cruise ship: Barcelona to Civita Vecchia
New routes from Norwegian Cruise Lines. Barcelona to Roma cruises.
15/3/2010 More information
Low cost flights: Barcelona - Toulouse with AIr Nostrum
45 minutes flight from Toulouse to Barcelona, beginning on the 28 march 2010. Air Nostrum, of the Iberia group will start operating this new regular route at a promotional cost of 60€ all included.
11/3/2010 More information
Barcelona: Tibidabo with snow
The day after the big snow storm in Barcelona, the 8th march 2010: only some snow left on the Tibidabo's mountain.
10/3/2010 More information
FC Barcelona - Almeria: 2-2
5/3/2010 More information
AVE (High speed train) Barcelona - Madrid: two years and 11,5 million passengers
1/3/2010 More information
Apartur: 49,5% occupancy in Barcelona apartments in february 2010
Apartur, the trade association for Barcelona apartment rentals has just released the occupancy rate for this month of february 2010: nearly 50%, a good result for a low season month, driven essentially by the good results obtained for the Mobile World Congress.
1/3/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 2 - Málaga 1
1/3/2010 More information
Spain: slight improvement in hotel room nights
There were 11,3 milion room nights in january 2010 in Spain, +0,3% with regard to 2009. December 2009 was also very similar, with 12,1 milion, to december 2008. Average selling price per room was 67,2 euros in december 2009, that is 2,7 euros below december 2008, while REVPAR was 26,2 euros (1,2 euros less than the previous year).
24/2/2010 More information
Barcelona apartments in Ciutat Vella: districts closing down more than 700 lacking a licence
The head of Barcelona's City Council's District of Ciutat Vella, Itziar González, announced yesterday in a press conference that the District has been able to close down or reconvert 700 Barcelona apartments formerly dedicated to daily rentals. The number of apartments in Barcelona Old Town with a licence is of 650. The charm of renting an apartment in a building with neighbours might in the long term become a thing of the past, since the District is thinking of changing the law to promote licences being voluntarily transfered to buildings exclusively dedicated to this activity. The positive fact being that this would offer better services to users and allow locals to keep to themselves. Apartur, the trade organization, welcomes these changes and the struggle against unfair competition, but also asks the District to let the legal part of the industry going back to an organised expansion process, slowly, soundly but surely.
24/2/2010 More information
Stuttgart 1 - FC Barcelona 1 : saved by Zlatan
17/2/2010 More information
Cruising giants to battle in Barcelona
Liberty of the seas (of Royal Carribean), Norwegian Epic (Norwegian Cruise Line) and Carnival Magic (Carnival), of respectively 154000, 153000 and 130000 tons will all be based in barcelona in 2011, to compete in the thriving cruising industry, so successful in Barcelona.
17/2/2010 More information
Burberry to close down its Barcelona factory
Burberry, the luxury goods firm, has just announced the closing down of its Barcelona factory, which will bring about the loss of 300 jobs.
17/2/2010 More information
Barcelona - Montmeló - Circuit of Catalonia Moto GP and F1 Grand Prix: become a Gold Member
For VIPs: treat yourself to the best for the races in Barcelona: the Gold Member Pass to enjoy Moto GP or Grand Prix F1 in Barcelona. The Pass includes the Private Suite Gold (location in Main Stand, capacity for 30 people), one seat during the 3 days of the races, Personal accreditation, exclusive parking area, select catering during the 3 days, official programme, personal attention and hostesses, welcome pack. Prices per person, 1400€ for both races, 1200 for F1 only, 400 for Moto GP only. Info and booking: +34 93 343 79 93
16/2/2010 More information
Optimism for hotel nights of Spaniards in 2010
The barometer of the association of hotel managers in Spain is on the rise. The opinion of the Spanish on the number of hotel stays for the year is for 14% of them that it will increase, and that it will remain stable for 63% of respondents. On the expenditure side, 15% believe that their hotel spending will rise, 53% believe it will stay the same, 10% think it will decrease. The reality of 2009 was that the number of nights stayed the same for 54%, decreased for 32% and increased for 8%. In terms of expenditure, it increased for 26% of respondents, decreased for 24% of the people and remained stable for 48% of the Spanish.
15/2/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 1 - Atlético de Madrid 2
12/2/2010 More information
Spain: air traffic picking up in all big spanish airports
AENA registered in january 2010 some 11,42 million passengers, 3% than the previous year. It is the second month with some growth. Barcelona El Prat airport registered +2,9%, a third months in a row increase, while Madrid had + 9,6% and a fifth months in a row increase.
11/2/2010 More information
Barcelona hotel H10 Catalunya Plaza new 1892 restaurant
The restaurant at hotel H10 Catalunya Plaza in Barcelona has just been renamed 1892. It boasts a new chef, Roser Martell, who will offer a fusion between author's cuisine and Catalan gastronomy. The restaurant is open to the public on week days 1pm to 4 pm and is reserved exclusively for groups of 20 people and more at nights and on week-ends.
9/2/2010 More information
Spain: hotels occupancy unchanged in December. GOPAR negative in Barcelona.
The survey Hotstats, by TRI Hospitality Consulting shows that the Spanish cities maintain the occupancy in December 2009. Madrid increases the number of tourists, Barcelona and Valencia also stop or contain the fall of occupancy. But prices continue to fall (except Valencia) and GOPAR (Gross Operating Profit per Available Room) is negative, for example in the case of 4-star hotels in Barcelona.
9/2/2010 More information
Alimentaria Barcelona 2010: starring: the brands
At Alimentaria 2010, on the eighth edition of the International Forum of Food the stars will be the brands, their values and attributes. The Forum will witness conclusions of the report "What today's consumer expects of brands. The manufacturer's role as a brand manager, " by the consultancy firm Synovate.
9/2/2010 More information
The University of Barcelona presents the first virtual museum of Spain
The University of Barcelona presents the first Virtual university Museum in Spain. It's bene founded with the goal of releasing the vast and extensive cultural heritage of the UB. Visit the museum at
9/2/2010 More information
Barcelona closer to France: High speed train between Figueres and France in 2010
The Spanish State Secretary of infrastructures, Victor Morlán has announced that finally Figueres and France will be connected by the high-speed train AVE in 2010.
8/2/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 2 - Getafe 1
Incredible play where FC Barcelona was left with 10 then only 9 players. Excellent play by GETAFE.
3/2/2010 More information
Barcelona apartment occupancy in January 2010: 36%
Apartur has just released its monthly occupancy survey for apartments short-term rentals in Barcelona, showing a 36% occupancy in the month of January, low season except for the New Year's Eve period, which partly accounts for the results.
1/2/2010 More information
Catalonia: the Tourism Agency of Catalonia is born
Last Friday 29 of january 2010 was officially inaugurated at the Catalan National Theater in Barcelona the "Agencia Catalana de Turisme", a mixed public and private organisation, to promote one of the biggest industry in Catalonia: tourism. The idea of the agency, that replaces the Catalan Consortium of Tourism is to focus better on the promotion of the industry through a board and management where the private sector is represented as well as the public one.
1/2/2010 More information
OTA's: hotel deals for members only
According to an article from the Wall Street journal, some OTA's are trying to fidelize or obtain memberships from travellers, by offering to release only privately determined hotel deals. The idea is to follow the model of private sale that occurs in the industry of fashion, for example. Here at Barcelona On Line, we believe on the contrary in transparent, open offers, accessible to everybody wanting to book a hotel in Barcelona or an apartment.
1/2/2010 More information
Hotel pricing: guests want to know the rules
A recent study by the Cornell University reveals that customers will be more prone to accept changes in prices if they know the rules that govern these changes. Every hotel manager knows that hotel prices obey to how occupancy and rules of demand are working. But the general public does not understand why prices change, or, more exactly, are willing to accepts these changes only if they understand them, i.e. there is enough transparency and these rules are explained to them.
1/2/2010 More information
World: hotels ADR will take time to go back to 2007 level
According to a study by the GDS Pegasus, hotel bookings have been strong in the last quarter of 2009, fueled by a strong decrease in ADR (average daily rate). So, good news in terms of demand, since the number of bookings is picking up, but not so good news in terms of revenue, since the industry believes it will take time for prices to go back to 2007 level. See the report:
29/1/2010 More information
Barcelona GSMA Mobile World Congress 2010: THE PLACE For Mobile Business
The congress has just released a summing of advantages of attending the Congress: 50% of attendees are C-Level and 20% are from mobile operators. More than 180 countries represented. Plus... program for high level attendees: 1. The App Lounge: focused networking environment. 2. The VIP Networking Lounge: space for private meetings reserved to Platinum and Gold Pass holders 3. Congress Party and Awards Celebration: evening of networking, hosted by Stephen Fry, and featuring a performance by Duran Duran. 4. My MWC: exclusively for GSMA Mobile World Congress registered attendees, a new social networking tool
27/1/2010 More information
Best hotels opens a new hotel in Barcelona, GBB Hotel 4 Barcelona
GBB hotel 4 Barcelona, from Best Hotels. New hotel located in 22@, the new business district of Barcelona. Its main target is the corporate traveller. It has 142 rooms, a restaurant and well being facilities, as well as 3 meeting rooms for up to 140 people.
27/1/2010 More information
Barcelona tourism strategic plan 2010: 10 do's
Yesterday, the Barcelona City Council, the Chamber of COmmerce and Turisme de Barcelona presented the strategic plan for tourism in Barcelona, summed up around 10 "do's". Tourism, it is reminded, represents 10% of the City Gross Internal Revenue, and more than 100.000 jobs, direct and indirectls. These 10 points all have to do with 4 ideas: have new tourist focus in the City in order to avoid excessive concentration in the Old Town, create a positive attitude between society and institutions with regard to tourism, change the way tourism is managed and work to be more competitive.
27/1/2010 More information
Barcelona's meetings and congress industry affected in 2009
Barcelona has closed 2009 with strong losses in the meetings and congresses industry. CCIB, the International Congress Center, the Congresses Palace (Palau de Congressos) and the Fair (Fira de Barcelona) have reported sales drops of one third, and the last, though it does not still have figures, admits there's a 10% less conventions. All this is due to companies cutting down events, due to lower or no profits in 2008.
26/1/2010 More information
Acta hotel Mimic in Barcelona: opening its door in June 2010
The Acta chain of hotels will open in June its seventh hotel in Barcelona, near the Ramblas. Josep Maria Cami, the CEO stated it will be a "low cost boutique hotel", of 92 rooms, and spaces including a subterranean room that should be dedicated to cultural events, such as music and theater. The building is the one of the old Colombus theater, preserving the orginal façade.
26/1/2010 More information
Spain tourism: FITUR 2010 brings optimism
According to the specialized press and the pulse of the Fair, despite the economic recession and how it has affected world tourism and Spanish tourism, this FITUR ends with optimism: it has been for exhibitors a "back to business", and the Fair, more than a showcase for the general public, the feeling is that of a real marketplace again. There is also optimism regarding the consolidation of UK tourism, and, though we're still in the dark regarding the spanish market, there are hopes it will fare well enough.
25/1/2010 More information
FC Barcelona 3 - Valladolid 0
21/1/2010 More information
Barcelona wants to opt in to the Winter Olympics of 2022
Barcelona's mayor, Jordi Hereu, recently announced the City's candidature to the Winter Olympics of 2022. With fair-play, but a bit of bitterness, Zaragoza and Jaca (also candidates), have accepted the challenge. But yesterday came some scandal, when a camera caught words (off the record) from the Catalan Tourism Conseller (minister), in FITUR, ironizing on it and qualifying it of a childish decision on the part of Barcelona's mayor, Jordi Hereu.
21/1/2010 More information
Pep Guardiola stays at Barça for now
Pep Guardiola has received the support of all candidates to the presidency of the Club. He will thus remains Barcelona's coach for now, and negotiate his contract with the new president.
18/1/2010 More information
Barcelona: hotel Porta Fira to open its doors shortly
En febrero, la cadena Santos preve la apertura de su primer hotel en Barcelona. El Santos Porta Fira ocupa un singular edificio de 24 plantas en forma de flor de loto, obra del arquitecto Toyo Ito. El skyline de Barcelona contará en breve con esta torre de color rojo de 110 metros de altura. El hotel Porta Fira se suma a la oferta de cuatro estrellas de BArcelona, aunque bien podría merecer ser un 5 estrellas. Cuenta con 20 habitaciones y suites, zona wellness, business center, salas de reuniones, un espectacular jardín suspendido e incluso un helipuerto.
18/1/2010 More information
Barcelona 4 - Seville 0: league winter champions
After being sacked from "copa del Rey" by Seville, Barcelona is back with a vengeance and is now the league's winter champion.
15/1/2010 More information
New social networking utility for BArcelona's Mobile World Congress attendees
The organisation of the Mobile World Congress has just created a social networking tool to help Mobile World Congress attendees have a better networking. See more at:
14/1/2010 More information
The Sevilla eliminated the FC Barcelona in the second round of the Copa del Rey
The Barca beated the Sevilla with a goal of Xavi (0-1), however the result was not enough for the current Champions to pass to the quarterfinal.
14/1/2010 More information
34 nominations to the Gaudí Awards
The majority of the nominations are for Trash, The Frost and Xtrem. A total of 91 productions has been shown.
12/1/2010 More information
Barcelona hotel prices 20% cheaper than last year in January
According to data from an Internet price comparator, trevaguo, prices in Barcelona hotels have dropped 20% this january compared to last january. One of the biggest drops however is in Dublin (-40%), while consolidated tourist destinations such as Roma and Paris have had only a 4 and 3% decrease respectively.
11/1/2010 More information
Planned 51 new hotels in Barcelona but a lot of projects frozen
There are at least 51 projects new hotels in Barcelona between 2010 and 2012. 25 are forecasted for next year. 30 projects are for four and five star hotels, representing an increase of 4500 beds in the upper segment. The crisis, funding difficulties and uncertainties as to wether there is enough demand have slowed, frozen or deterred lots of projects.
11/1/2010 More information
Over 16,000 Catalans students enjoyed one day of holidays due to bad weather
72 Catalans schools couldn't open the doors for the students .
8/1/2010 More information
Barcelona's court authorize RyanAir screenscraping
Ryanair has lost one of the fights against screen scraping, a practice from online travel agencies that consists in selling products of a website with a "robot" that realizes the transaction on the vendor's site... while customer is on another site. Among many cases, RyanAir was opposed to Edreams in Spain... and has just lost the case here in Barcelona.
8/1/2010 More information
The Sales in Barcelona starts with queues in the shops despite the crisis and the rain
The stores now offer discounts of 70% and the clothing and shoe shops are the most crowded.
7/1/2010 More information
Mobile World Congress - Brokerage event 2010
The Mobile World Congress Brokerage Event 2010 collects innovative technology offers and requests from all over Europe (and other countries like Canada, Israel, United States...). The purpose of the brokerage event is to enhance opportunities for companies to explore and find mobile technology cooperation. Register at:
7/1/2010 More information
Barcelona apartments occupancy december 2009: 43,5%
Apartur, the trade association of short-term Barcelona rentals has just released the information regarding occupancy of tourist apartments in Barcelona: 43,5% of available apartments were rented during the month of december. The new year's eve and Christmas bookings were responsible for most of it.
7/1/2010 More information
'The Ghosts of Barcelona' Angle Publishing
Now the journalist and teacher Sylvia Mata Lagarda has written about the Ghosts of Barcelona (Angle Editorial), a compilation of 13 different documented ghostly routes.
7/1/2010 More information
'Barcelona Sense Presses', City of Barcelona
Isabel de Villalonga walked around the city of Barcelona for 6 motnhs in order to find the more relaxed places, his book includes 23 routes that the author advises widely.
7/1/2010 More information
'Walks through the Masonic Barcelona', Barcelona City Council
The Barcelona of Freemasonry, a new guide that shows us the stages of the activities of the secret society.
5/1/2010 More information
The King celebrated his 72nd birthday
King celebrated his birthday on Tuesday in the privacy of the Zarzuela Palace, surrounded by his immediate family.
4/1/2010 More information
More than 27,000 apartments in Barcelona are less than 30 meters square
The prototype flat in Barcelona has an average size from 61 to 92 square meters.
4/1/2010 More information
Alonso will debut with Ferrari the 1st of February
All the F1 teams will meet in the circuit of Valencia Ricardo Tormo.
4/1/2010 More information
Real Madrid breaks the bad luck against the 'Fuenla' and Barca is still leading the ACB
Xavi Pascual players beated the Bilbao Bizkaia, while the whites ended the bad luck of four straight losses.
1/1/2010 More information
The 2009 says good bye with heavy rain
Several Atlantic fronts will cross in a few days the peninsula leaving frequent rainfall throughout the country. Temperatures will drop from Wednesday.
30/12/2009 More information
Nissan Barcelona began the 2010 with guaranteed work for all staff
There is an increase on sales of vans in Barcelona with the X-83 and the new NV200, which means that the Catalan factory does not implement a day of unemployment in the expedient ERE (Expedient Regulation of Employment)
30/12/2009 More information
Increases a 2% of the price in the public transport in Barcelona
Increase the transport´s prices in Barcelona, but the prices of taxis and bicing are frozen.
30/12/2009 More information
The salary minimum will increase 1.5% in 2010
The salary will increase 633 euros, 9 more than in 2009. However, the unions had requested an increase of 8% (674 euros gross per month).
28/12/2009 More information
The Barca Humiliates the Real Madrid (57-79)
The Barça was more superior during the game and Ricky Rubio did a great game at Vistalegre.
28/12/2009 More information
Capello said that Barca and Real Madrid are equal
Capello congratulates Pep Guardiola for his "ideas, freshness and quality" and about Pellegrini he said: "He is good and knows what he does."
26/12/2009 More information
Barcelona: 100 years of the Christmas Cup
The Christmas Cup is a popular race to cross the Port of Barcelona swimming. This year was the 100th edition of a race where 440 people have swimmed 200m between Maremagnum and Portal de la Pau, in a water at 14º C.
25/12/2009 More information
Hotel room nights in Spain: minus 1,7% in October
22 million room nights in Spain, during october, according to INE. This is a 1,7% decrease comparing with october 2008.
25/12/2009 More information
Barcelona and Madrid in the ranking of the 35 richest cities in the world
Madrid is the 26th richest city (in terms of per capita income) and Barcelona nº 35. But in the near future, emerging countries will displace them and maybe out of this ranking.
22/12/2009 More information
The Barca closes in the 2009 with a draw and a crowd in Kuwait
The Barcelona drew with the Kuwaiti Kazma Sporting (1-1)
22/12/2009 More information
The Barcelona´s administration of Puig-Reig share the number 10,104, a third prize
An administration from the Barcelona twon of Puig-Reig has sold a big part of the 130 series that had on sale the number 10,104; with the third prize of the Christmas´s draw, which has distributed an autentic "rain of millions" in prizes who has splashed the Berguedà region.
22/12/2009 More information
The 78.4 percent of Spanish is concerned about unemployment
The 78.4 percent of Spanish citizens said their main concern is the unemployment. This is reflected in the barometer of the Center of Sociological Research (CIS) for the month of November, which gives the highest percentage record of the decade.
21/12/2009 More information
FIFA World Player 2009, es un premio a Leo Messi?
Cristiano, Kaka, Messi, Iniesta and Xavi are the candidates, but the Argentine is the favorite after the 'Golden Ball'
17/12/2009 More information
Gonzalo Higuain: I hope that Barca do not win the Mundialito
The Argentinean doesn´t want the triumph of his eternal rival. If theCatalan Team wins they will have the sixth title this year.
17/12/2009 More information
New Year's eve at Barcelona hotel Princesa Sofía
New year's eve at <a href="">Barcelona hotel Princesa Sofía</a>. Carnival night to say good bye to 2009. You can choose the accommodation pack room + gala dinner... or just the Gala dinner !!! Call us: +34 933 437 993
16/12/2009 More information
14 Primary schools in Barcelona will open their patios for Christmas
Parents can leave their children in the school, even they are not schooled in it. Last year they made a pilot test in 163 public schools.
16/12/2009 More information
The Barcelona tube L11 now automates
The line operates automatically from Wednesday.
16/12/2009 More information
The Barca begins its sixth title dream in a search of a final that
Today the Barca plays the semifinal against Atlante Mundialito (17.00 h). If they win, would be his sixth title, a record in football history.
14/12/2009 More information
With a penalty goal from Ibrahimovic the strange Barcelona wins 1 to 0
An unfair penalty goal gave the victory to Barcelona Football Club
14/12/2009 More information
The 'yes' to independence wins with little participation in 166 Catalan´s Villages
The 94.71% of votes supported the independence and the 3.53% voted against, the people have decided they want independence.
13/12/2009 More information
Derby FC Barcelona - Espanyol: 1-0
13/12/2009 More information
Inaugurated L9 metro line in Barcelona. First Spanish metro without driver
Barcelona has partially inaugurated new L9, the first metro line in Spain of its kind, since it is robotized and has no human driver.
13/12/2009 More information
New opening in Barcelona: hotel Emma by Room Mate, affordable luxury
Design and "affordable luxury" for this innovative hotel chain. 3 star hotel, breakfast and wi-fi included... to say the least, their proposal is original. THeir first hotel in Barcelona is now (partially) opened and it is called Hotel Emma... As the hotel itself puts it: Room Mate Emma was born in the Eixample District, surrounded by Art Nouveau architectural masterpieces, in one of the finest residential areas of Barcelona...
12/12/2009 More information
Catalonia: FEDERATUR (tourist apartments Federation) disgusted by the local government's lack of efficiency
At the same time as the Barcelona's district of Ciutat Vella proudly announced that it was closing down apartments in Barcelona Old Town that are operating in the short-term rental market without a license, the President of FEDERATUR, the Federation of Provincial associations in Catalonia, has declared that the industry is disgusted with the inefficient way the legislation changes were carried out by the Generalitat (the Catalan's government). The complaints are that the legislation changes are propitiating a deregulation that will bring about lack of protection and quality for consumers, no professionalization and a high probability that the activity be headed even deeper towards the black economy. FEDERATUR called for the resignation of the General Director of Tourism.
11/12/2009 More information
The Praktik hotel in Barcelona: special winter offers
Nice and modern low cost <a href="">hotel the Praktik</a> offers its winter special discounts. 30 days advance booking and two nights minimum stay, or for 4 nights stays.
11/12/2009 More information
New year's eve 2010: 50% discount on your Barcelona apartment rental
50% discount for a minimum stay of 4 nights. Only two apartments left. Stay in your own Barcelona apartment in the city center for New Year's Eve 2010 for as low as 35€ per person and per night. Price of <a href="">Barcelona Old town apartment Avimer 32</a>, sleeping 6 people, from 28th december to 3rd january: 33€ per person and night. Price of <a href="">Barcelona Plaça Catalunya Penthouse</a>, sleeping 5 people, same dates: 35€.
11/12/2009 More information
Barcelona airport El Prat: traffic up for the first time in 19 months
This month of November 2009, Barcelona has registered an increase (+3,9%) in the number of passengers for the first time since april 2008, when the crisis first impacted the airport, domestic and international flights.
11/12/2009 More information
GP F1 of Spain 2010. Tribune N sold out
The new policy of early birds discounts and promotion of affordable tribunes is boosting sales for the 2010 Grand Prix of Formula 1, in Montmeló, Barcelona, Spain. The Circuit of Catalunya has just released news that the tribune N is sold out. The expectation is growing for Spaniards now Alonso has joined the Ferrari team. To book your tickets, use our booking engine below or on the home page.<br><br><iframe id="cercador_iframe" src="" frameborder="0" style="width:360px;height:100px;border:0px solid;"></iframe><br><br> Choose activities, look for F1 tickets in the combo, and that's it !!!
10/12/2009 More information
Barca, leading the Champions League
In the first minute the Kiev Team took the advantage, after a failure of Valdes. Then, Xavi and Messi scored for the Catalans.
9/12/2009 More information
Primavera Club organized simultaneously in Madrid and Barcelona
Previously to the Primavera Sound Festival 2010 to be held 27-29 may, comes the winter version of the festival (9-13 dec), with several concerts in Barcelona and Madrid: the Primavera Club 2009.
9/12/2009 More information
Increase the number of customers in second hand stores because of the crisis in Barcelona
Second hand shops in Barcelona, are 20% and 80% cheaper.
9/12/2009 More information
Barcelona will have a consultation about the independence of Catalunya in Aprill
Barcelona will have the 25th of April a independence consultation like the one that is going to happen the 13th of December in 161 municipalities of Catalonia.
7/12/2009 More information
Barcelona will have taxis for women
It would be the first pink line in barcelona and is reserved exclusively to women.
4/12/2009 More information
Half a million of vehicles will leave the Barcelona metropolitan area because of the festivities
The majority of the travelers will go to the mountains and ski areas.
4/12/2009 More information
Barcelona opened a store of kisses and hugs to promote charitable causes
The store raises funds for the "take care" programme of the Hospital S. Joan of Déu. Prices range are from 5 to 30 euros.
4/12/2009 More information
Barcelona Zoo reduced the tusks of elephants 'Susie' and 'Yoyo' before their mating
According Libera!, The Zoo should have obtained special permission from Cites to cut the tusk, they assured that was not processed.
3/12/2009 More information
The match between Nadal-Berdych will open the Davis Cup final in Barcelona
This Friday 4th of December begins the end of the Davis Cup: Spain-Czech Republic
3/12/2009 More information
The Barcelona of Guardiola has the best league start in Barca history
In the week 13 a total of 33 points, with ten wins and three draws.
3/12/2009 More information
Xerez 0 - FC Barcelona 2
Goals by Henry & Ibrahimovitch
3/12/2009 More information
Echos from EIBTM 2009: a bad year 2009, hopes put on 2010
The vast majority of exhibitors at EIBTM, the MICE specialized trade fair, held in Fira II in Barcelona have agreed on one point: 2009 has been a totally forgetable year for the meetings industry. All the same, a number of exhibitors and companies present there all shared the same opinion regarding 2010, with some differences, but all in all seeing improvement for the year to come. Some believe it will be seen in the very first months, other think it will be later in the year, some believe this will happen with diferences according to countries. For example, Barcelona On Line has already detected a growth in demand, NH is happy with its hotels in emerging countries, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce is also seing the first positive signs, while Ultramar, though optimistic, was more cautious.
3/12/2009 More information
Barcelona Ciutat Vella district won't allow new businesses
The next 5 years urban plan for the District of Ciutat Vella in Barcelona (Old Town) will put a stop to the opening of new shops open to the public, such as restaurants, bars, etc. Furthermore, the idea is to see wether determined shops can be relocated in more suitable locations. The authorities consider there is a high enough density and would like to work on a new geographical balance for the commercial activity.
3/12/2009 More information
WTO foresees improvement for tourism in 2010
According to Taleb Rifal, the general secretary of the World Tourism Organization, declared yesterday there will be a decrease in the market of 7% of global invoice, and minus 5% in tourists (6 and 7% respectively for Europe). But there should be a light growth in the second part of 2010. The biggest risks according to him are unemployment's impact on consumption, slowing down of public support, increase in taxes and finally, A flu's consequences.
2/12/2009 More information
Generalitat de Catalunya in Barcelona will create the Natural Park of Serra of Collserolla in 2010
The future park will extends in nine municipalities of the metropolitan area.
2/12/2009 More information
Spanish internal tourism boosted by crisis
Predictably, data seem to confirm what common sense suggested: the Spaniards have tended to make more trips inside the country in order to avoid giving up their holidays. From January to October, according to Familitur, were recorded 11.2% more holiday trips in Spain by Spaniards. In October the increase was 20.3%.
2/12/2009 More information
La Boqueria's porch to be refurbished and closer to La Rambla
Manel Ripoll, the president of the association of shops in the market of La Boquería, is happy today. Bank Santander has agreed to pay for the refurbishing of the famous modernist porch. Once refurbished, it will be placed closer to Barcelona's famous artery.
2/12/2009 More information
Barcelona hotel U-232: christmas special
Enjoy your Christmas shopping at Barcelona hotel U-232. Accommodation for 1 or 2 people comes with a welcome drink, free entrance to the Casino and a Barcelona Shopping Card. By hotel Barcelona U-232 and Barcelona On Line.
2/12/2009 More information
Spain: sustainable economics law project opens the door to Internet control
The Spanish government has just submitted the bill on sustainable economy, which includes a clause to enable control over the Internet and alleged infringements of intellectual property law. The controversy has been served and associations of Internet users have already held protests against it.
1/12/2009 More information
Spain: hotels RevPar minus 8,3% in October. Roomnights minus 1,7%
The RevPar in Spanish hotels has decreased 8% in October, compared to the same month the previous year, to 38,09€. Average income per room sold was 70,18€, representing minus 4,8%. Occupancy is down to 48,25% (-2,5%).
1/12/2009 More information
Messi has won the Golden Ball 2009, soccer prize by the magazine <France Football>
Leo Messi, the star player of FC Barcelona, has been rewarded with the prestigious award "Ballon d'Or" 2009. From a contract signed on a paper towel, as the legend has it, to the international glory....
30/11/2009 More information
Building <<La Font del Gat>> in Montjuich, new headquarters of Spanish Tennis Federation
The City council has offered a free and indefinite lease on this emblematic building located in Montjuich to the Real Federación Española de Tenis (RFET). Jordi Hereu, the Mayor, has declared that tennis has brought a lot to Barcelona, and Barcelona a lot to tennis.
30/11/2009 More information
3 members of NGO Barcelona Acció Solidaria Kidnapped
Albert Vilalta, Alicia Gámez & Roque Pascual, members of NGO Barcelona Solidaria have been kidnapped the 29th of november 2009 in Mauritania. Kidnappers could be members of Al-Qaeda in Maghreb.
30/11/2009 More information
Spain: nights in apartments, campsites and rural tourism accommodation, minus 8,6% in October
According to INE, in the whole of Spain, overnight stays in tourist accommodation other than hotels (apartments, campsites and rural tourism accommodation) will exceed 5.9 million in October, 8.6% less than the same month last year.
30/11/2009 More information
Barcelona City to leader anti-hooligans seminar
Barcelona City Council has organised, with 30 cities boasting great soccer clubs on the one hand, and representatives of UEFA on the other hand, a seminar to set up the rules of how to deal with big soccer encounters and their fans, in order to avoid vandalism and other incidents by a minority of hooligans. 1 & 2nd February 2010
30/11/2009 More information
Free wifi in Barcelona
After one year of its deployment, this initiative now covers 90% of areas in Barcelona. In civic centers, museums, etc. There are nowadays 185 points of service. Use is limited to one hour in a row. Download the list at
29/11/2009 More information
FC Barcelona 1 - Real Madrid 0
28/11/2009 More information
Barcelona es Moda awards 2009
Yesterday, Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce celebrated at Llotja de Mar the 2009' edition of the "Barcelona es Moda" awards, an event that aims at rewarding people and brands that help in the international projection of Barcelona in the fashion industry. The awards went to group Rosa Clara, El Delgado Buil, Totón Comella, Andres Sarda, Teresa Helbig, Mimótica Micola and "button" Mango Fashion.
28/11/2009 More information
Spain: average daily spending of foreign tourists fell 5,5% in October
The total expenditure of foreign tourists who visited Spain in the first ten months of 2009 (including transport, recruitment, travel agencies, etc) was 42.637 million euros, 7,2% less than the same period 2008. In October the average daily expenditure fell by 5.5% to 95 euros
28/11/2009 More information
Olivia Plaza Barcelona. Winter special 10% discount 10 days advance booking
One of the most Charme hotels in Barcelona. Completely non-smoking. On Pl. Catalunya. All design... without forgeting the most atentive service. 10% discount in winter when booking in advance.
27/11/2009 More information
Catalan press published a joint editorial in defense of the Estatut
3 years ago, the "Estatut", which can be briefly defined as a kind of "Catalan Constitution" (though it is much lesser than a real constitution) was reformed, after 25 years. Immediately afterwards, the conservative party (PP) and a number of Autonomous Communities or regions took it to the Constitutional Court. The Court is still divided and as not yielded a verdict. Yesterday 26 of november, the main newspaper edited in Catalonia have presented an editorial in defense of Estatut. The editorial addressed to the Spanish public opinion, expose the concern of large segments of Catalans in case there is a highly restrictive ruling by the Constitutional Court. In friendly but critical terms, it is also reminded that only six of the twelve members of the High Court are still in the term of their mandate. Of course, there is now a political storm between oponents of the "Estatut" and partisans, in the whole of Spain.
27/11/2009 More information
Barcelona hotels yield down 25,5% until september
Deloitte has just published a study stating that REVPAR (revenue per available room) has decreased 22,5% in Barcelona hotels, down to 73 €. Madrid went down 30% to 51 €, while the average in the Europan Union has been a 17%, to 58€. Occupancy in Barcelona was down 8% to 64,4%, down 14,2% in Madrid, to 55,6% and 8,7% average EU to 59,5%. All this between january and september.
27/11/2009 More information
Penthouse suite at Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona: 8000€ a night
The Penthouse Suite cannot be compared to any other room in the hotel. On the top floor, it is the ultimate in luxury. Comes with the services of your Mandarin Oriental butler. At one end, the master bedroom with its own set of rooms (private living room and terrace,ressing room and an bathroom featuring designer fittings and spa bath). The second bedroom offers the same prestigious views over the Passeig de Gràcia. Ensuite bathroom and a guest powder room. At the other end, the living area with dining for eight guests and another stylish terrace. Views from each terrace are over the Passeig and Barcelona’s famous modernist façades that surround the hotel. Parties can arranged by the butler (you'll have your own kitchen and bar). It goes without saying that the technology is state of the art, with Bang & Olufsen home cinema system and an HD projector. The size of a big apartment (200 sq m) To book: +34 93 343 79 93
27/11/2009 More information
Iniesta extends his contract with the FC Barcelona until 2015 with a clause of 200 millions
The midfielder Andres Iniesta on Friday extended his contract with FC Barcelona until 2015, as confirmed by the club.
27/11/2009 More information
Samuel Eto'o has finally filed a lawsuit against FC Barcelona for non-payment of a commission of 3 million euros
Samuel Eto'o has finally filed a lawsuit against FC Barcelona for non-payment of a commission of three million euros, the player is claiming his move with the Inter Milan this summer.
26/11/2009 More information
New stars shining in Catalonia and Barcelona skies: Michelin awards
El Celler de Can Roca, of Girona (Chef: Joan Roca) has won the third Michelin star. 2 stars for Restaurant Lasarte of Barcelona and Les Cols (Olot). Then one star for the Winery of Barcelona hotel Arts, Corça La Fonda Cesc Gombrèn in Girona, and Torreó de L'India de Xerta (Tarragona). A number of restaurants in the rest of Spain also have gained Michelin stars.
26/11/2009 More information
Palauet living Barcelona: new offer in Barcelona luxury apartments
Casa Bonaventura Ferrer, a modernist building located in Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona's "Champs-Elysées", comes back to its origins, rental apartments, after a process of careful refurbishing, with great pain took in trying and maintaining the original essence and structure of the building (a classified one). The only difference is that this luxury offer is destinated to people visiting our city for a short period of time, from 2 days to some weeks. The building is composed of 140-150 square meter apartments, boast an extraordinary terrace and services such as spa and sauna.
26/11/2009 More information
Barcelona hotel Fira Palace to start second refurbishing in january 2010
Hotel Fira Palace of Barcelona is one of the most classical venues for events, since it was built (for the 1992 Olympics). Soon, in January, it will come to a second youth through a massive refurbishing.
26/11/2009 More information
Registration Now Open for GSMA Mobile World Congress 15-18 February 2010
Registration to the GSMA Mobile World Congress is now open. Contact us to help you register and for independent accommodation offers (hotels, apartments) for individual and groups: Tel: +933437998 - Fax: +933171155 To register online:!
25/11/2009 More information
Barcelona Ciutat Vella district closes 4 souvenirs shops
Barcelona's City Cuncil's district of Ciutat Vella has just closed 4 souvenir shops in the Old Town, that did not held the licences to operate.
25/11/2009 More information
Barcelona apartments: perfect solution for New Year's eve
Year after year, this accommodation solution is becoming more and more popular with people coming to Barcelona for New Year's eve. It is perfect for a family with children, for groups of friends.<br>A self-catering apartment helps saving on a number of meals, so one can invest in an excellent cotillon.<br>All Barcelona apartments, as well as hotels, get crowded for the last days of the year, so book now before it's too late!!!
25/11/2009 More information
Football Club Barcelona 2 - Inter Milan 0
24/11/2009 More information
Generalitat to withdraw Saint Jordi's Cross to Millet, former president of Palau de la Música de Barcelona
In the recent weeks, Felix Millet, ex-head of Palau de la Música de Barcelona, has been accused of stealing 25 milion euros + from the Institution. This has caused indignation with all the catalans, and, of course, political issues. Now the local government, la Generalitat, withdraws Millet one of the highest distinctions in Catalan society, the Saint Jordi's Cross
24/11/2009 More information
Barcelona hotels yield down 25,5% until september
Deloitte has just published a study stating that REVPAR (revenue per available room) has decreased 22,5% in Barcelona hotels, down to 73 €. Madrid went down 30% to 51 €, while the average in the Europan Union has been a 17%, to 58€. Occupancy in Barcelona was down 8% to 64,4%, down 14,2% in Madrid, to 55,6% and 8,7% average EU to 59,5%. All this between january and september.
23/11/2009 More information
Foreign tourism in Spain. Minus 3,6% in October
Arrivals of tourists from abroad has experienced a 9% decrease in the first 10 months of the year, 11% in the first semester, 3,6% in october, compared to 2008. The decrease is therefore slowing down. 4,6 milion people from abroad visited Spain in October.
23/11/2009 More information
Two new gastronomical proposals in luxury Barcelona hotels
Hotel W (Wing) will open restaurant Bravo, with Carles Abellán, and Mandarin Oriental, restaurant Moments, headed by Carme Ruscalleda's son, Raúl Balam. Barcelona now has a long list of gastronomical proposals in hotels; Drolma of Majestic, el Gaig of hotel Cram, Moo of hotel Omm are only some examples.
23/11/2009 More information
Catalan government to develop own quality seals and standards in tourism
Catalonia wants to develop its own set of quality distinctions for the tourist industry. Ones that will be up to international standards such as EFQM or ISO according to the local government.<br>In any case, Catalonia will not adopt the Spanish "Q de calidad".
22/11/2009 More information
Barcelona hotel Ritz to change its name
The Spanish Supreme Court has just ruled against the maintenance of the name Ritz for the homonym hotel located in C/ Roger de Lluria. The dispute was with the Ritz hotel of Madrid, sustaining the Barcelona hotel Ritz was not up to the standards expected of a hotel bearing this name.
21/11/2009 More information
Present and future of corporate travel (air, hotel) and events. Barcelona, Spain, Europe.
The president of Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), Marino Faccini has presented a paper at the Tourism Leaders Forum of IE Business School in Madrid, on 17 November entitled 'The Travels of business in the world, Europe and Spain, present and future '. <br> Download paper:<br>
21/11/2009 More information
Decrease in prices and events boost occupancy in Barcelona 5 star hotels
Occupancy in 5 star Barcelona hotels grew 1,6% in the first 9 months of the year. This can be explained by a decrease of prices, combined with the celebration of a number of events, such as Cardiology Congress. <br> Download sheet facts:<br>
21/11/2009 More information
Influenza A at Barça. Abidal and Toure in quarantine.
Abidal and Toure have got the influenza. As a precaution, they have been separated from the other players.
20/11/2009 More information
Hotel Mandarin Oriental Barcelona to open its doors 26th nov 2009
The Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona, a new luxury hotel which is scheduled to open in just one week, on Thursday, 26 November 2009, has launched a special introductory promotion. <br> Valid until 31 March 2010, Mandarin Oriental Barcelona’s opening package provides one night of complimentary accommodation in any category of guestroom or suite, in conjunction with two or more consecutive paid nights of stay. This offer is subject to availability, and advance reservations are required. <br> Mandarin Oriental’s first hotel in Southern Europe, the Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona is an elegant, contemporary establishment in the heart of the avant-garde city’s celebrated Passeig de Gràcia. Located in a renovated mid-20th century building, the 98-room Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona, offers services and facilities within an interior created by world renowned Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola.
20/11/2009 More information
Hotel Arts in Barcelona launches Arts 41 a new restaurant
Hotel Arts has boosted its meeting facilities with the launch of a new dedicated events space, Arts 41, on the 40th and 41st floors of the Barcelona property.
20/11/2009 More information
Spanair to fly from / to Barcelona. From 11€. 500.000 seats
Click here to see this and other offers for <a href="">low cost flights to / from Barcelona</a>. <br> Spanair is offering seats on flights on all its routes. 500.000 seats to fly until the 31st march 2010. Promotion open till the end of november (29). Quick before it's too late !!!
19/11/2009 More information
Ryanair to operate Barcelona - Madrid at El Prat
Renewed rumors, that the company has not denied, that next spring Ryanair could operate in Barcelona's main airport at Prat de Llobregat and, specifically, compete on the "air bridge" Madrid - Barcelona.
19/11/2009 More information
Catalan main language at Barcelona City Council
Barcelona's City Council has just approved a motion so that Catalan becomes the main and default language in all writings and communications, unless someone specifically requires the contrary.
19/11/2009 More information
Your company's gala dinner at Barça's Nou Camp
An original idea to celebrate your company's Christmas dinner, a venue you probably never thought of: The Nou Camp !!!<br> Interested? Call us +34 933 437 998 or send us <a href="">a mail request</a>.
19/11/2009 More information
20% discount on Barcelona apartment Banys Nous. La Puríssima
Come to <a href="">Barcelona</a> from the 4th till the 8th of december 2009 (Puente de la Puríssima) and enjoy a special 20% discount on the rent of your <a href="">barcelona apartment</a>. Located in the heart of the Old Town (ciutat Vella), in a pedestrian street, it is an ideal base to stroll the small streets of the Gothic quarter in Barcelona.<br> <br><br> Use our secure booking engine, choose day in 4/12 day out 8/12, radio button on "apartments" and look for apartment banys nous.<br> <br><br> Book it now before it's too late ;)
19/11/2009 More information
GP F1 of Spain 2010. 20% early birds discount until Nov. 30. Barcelona - Montmeló
Early birds 20% discount on tickets for Grand Prix of Spain of F1 2010, 7, 8 and 9 of may 2010, at Circuit de Catalunya (Barcelona - Montmeló). The offer expires at the end of november. Book it now before it's too late !!! <br>To book at official Circuit prices:<br> On our booking engine, choose ACTIVITIES, and on the combo box, choose GP F!.... then click search. CLick price from to display all the availble tickets.
18/11/2009 More information
Alakrana, Spanish tuna fish boat captured by Somalian pirates released
The tuna fish boat Alakrana has just been released. Now the political storm is about to start about how the matter has been handled.
18/11/2009 More information
Barcelona entertainment industry asks for changes in Ciutat Vella
The entertainment industry in Barcelona has stated it would like to see some changes in the coming "Pla d'Usos" (licences planification for the next 5 years) of Ciutat Vella. More security and police handling in the streets, more flexibility with licences (i.e. moving it to another place) in order to avoid excessive concentration.
17/11/2009 More information
Barcelona hotels association to give shelter to "social emergencies"
Jordi CLos, the President of Barcelona hotels' association and the City have just reached an agreement to give shelter at a "social price" to people in case of emergencies. One example would be the case of "El Carmel", when subway's works provoked the collapse of building in the neighbourhood of el Carmel.
17/11/2009 More information
New 5 stars Hotels
17/11/2009 More information
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Some will love it, others will consider it a divertimento... One thing is for sure, we all agree that it is a fair picture of our City.
16/11/2009 More information
Tuesday 17th nov. Simple Minds in Barcelona
The Scottish groups of the 80's, 30 years of career, will play for 2.000 fans in Sala Razzmataz of Barcelona.
16/11/2009 More information
Occupancy of Barcelona apartments (short time rentals) in october: 67,5%
Apartur has informed that ocupancy in Barcelona's tourist apartments has been last october of a 67,5% of total capacity.
16/11/2009 More information
British Airways and Iberia merger. Will affect Barcelona's traffic?
The tourist industry has welcomed the news of this merger positively, as the Stock Exchange did. High hopes are put that this will contribute to airway traffic, specially in Barcelona.
14/11/2009 More information
The impact of tourism: 20 million euros a day in Barcelona
The strategical plan for tourism in Barcelona reveals that the impact on the local economy is of 20 million euros a day. Growing number of tourist also create a building "pressure", at least for a segment of citizens. The local government and institutions are laying out plans for a better integration and understanding between the locals and visitors, and high levels of civism.
13/11/2009 More information
Cassy Wilson live at Palau de la Música of Barcelona
As part of the Barcelona Jazz Festival, the famous vocalist will be on the 13th november at Palau de la Musica. 22 to 48€.
11/11/2009 More information
Barça crashes Cultural Leonesa. Classified to the 8th of final
Football Club Barcelona has just won its classification to 8th of final, with its victory against Cultural Leonesa. Goals by Bojan and Pedrito
10/11/2009 More information
Cruyff is Catalonia's selection coach
Johan Cruyff has just been selected as the Catalonia's soccer selection coach
28/10/2009 More information
Family Concerts at the Palau
Music for children and adults in order to vibrate and share emotions. It is the challenge of the Music Palace. By Silvia Marimon. - Bim bom, babies in the Palau (From 25 October to 8 November) - Mixture of songs (24 nero) - The band goes on holiday (31 January) - On Jan Puppet (February 7) - Around the World in 80 channels (21 February) - The voice in the world (28 February) - The ghost of Palau (25 April)
7/7/2009 More information
Barcelona Summer Week
<div align="justify"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><strong>7 Days, 7 Beaches, 30 Clubs, more than 100 deejays, 250 Events, 50,000 people... </strong> </font></div> <p align="justify"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">The Barcelona Summer Week is an international music festival. Famous deejays such as David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and many others… will do the show for you!!!!</font></p> <p align="justify"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><strong><em>BSW PROGRAM: </em></strong></font></p> <p align="justify"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><em>August 7</em><br> Tiesto, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Erick Morillo, Bob Sinclar + Steve Edwards, Antoine Clamaran, Funkerman, David Tort, DONS, David Oleart, Alberto Neve, Botz+Flydrums, Al Muñoz, Brian Cross, Mar T, Inphinity, Bataplan, Sergio Perez.</font></p> <p align="justify"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><em>August 8</em><br> Sander Kleinenberg, James Zabiella, Layo&Bushwacka, Alex Gaudino, Tommy Vee, Chuckie, Smokin Jo, Norman Dorey, Arno Cost, Cedrik Gervais, Desyn Masiello, Juanjo Martin, Ian Carey, Cevin Fisher, Patrick M, Saeed Younan, Louis Puig, Space Ibiza Con Camilo Franco, Max Zotti, Dj Wady, Get Far, Florian Picasso<br> </font> </p>
5/5/2009 More information
“Restos 7 AM” at « EL OFF »
The theatrical show “Restos 7 AM” which counts with the support of the Institut del Teatre had for only previously known basis an interest about intimacy. This play is much more than a mere succession of soliloquies. It brings up an insular space, a closed space, by night… An after, a bar, or simply some place where young people let their bodies run aground worn-out sofas, a space for youth and night to show how partial the truth of the words is after the laughter of the evening is gone, when the company of alcohol and lively music turns out to be ephemeral, and that, alone, they remain, speaking in the night, like in a long-lasting adolescence plentiful of vertiginous changes. Sunrise. Makeup trickling down the faces. Weakened bodies. Seven lonely souls. A 24-hour day. A bar in Barcelona. A club at daybreak, or a bleak recess of the city to share the last beer. Seven clueless young people. Darkness. One of them stands out the shade from time to time. Speaking alone, like crazy people do. Speaking crazy, like lonely people do. Disappears back into the shade, and another one comes out. Until the end, accompanied by the chords of a violin.</p> <p align="justify"><br> The direction is signed by the Argentinean director Juan Manuel Urraco Crespo, and the cast is composed by actors of various origins:<br> - David Eudave (Mexico) <br> - Marco Pacheco (Mexico)<br> - Valentine Deville Fradin (France) <br> - Daniela De Vecchi (Brasil)<br> - Juan M. Urraco Crespo (Argentina) <br> - Anabel Cristobal (Spain)<br> - Edurne Ucero (Spain) <br> - Catalina Esquivel (Colombia) </p> <p><font color="#0000FF"><strong>The performances:</strong></font><br> Thursday 22nd of May at 11PM<br> Saturday 23rd of May at 11PM<br>
11/3/2009 More information
U2 in Barcelona!
<div align="justify"> <p>After having launched their new album "No line on the horizon", which is a great success, U2 is going to start its international tour: “360° Tour”. This event will begin in Barcelona: 30th June & 2nd July in the Camp Nou! </p> <p>U2’s fans will be glad to find again their group in the Barça FC Stadium, as in August 2005. The tour is the band's first stadium outing since the Vertigo Tour in 2005. This year, the 360° Tour presents a specially designed structure which will allow fans to enjoy an unobstructed view of the band. The manager of the band, Paul McGuinness, assured that they made efforts so as people could buy tickets at the cheapest prices and enjoy a great view of the concert. The tickets prices will start from 30 euros, and 85% of the tickets will be priced less than 95€. </p> <p>U2 will also offer to its fans amazing support acts with artists such as Glasvegas, Elbow, Kaiser Chiefs, Snow Patrol and Black Eyed Peas. We advise you to buy your tickets as soon as possible, because they are normally purchased in a few hours! It will be their only date in Spain, so do not miss it! </p> <p> </p> <p><font color="#0000FF"><strong>Accommodation</strong></font><br> Barcelona On Line offers you the possibility of booking your accommodation in a hotel, hostel or apartment in Barcelona. If you want to look at our proposals.<a href=""> Click Here</a>. or if your prefer to do it by phone just call at the following phone number!! From Spain: 902 80 70 17 or from abroad (+34) 93 343 79 93. <a href=""></a></p> </div>
16/2/2009 More information
12/2/2009 More information
Formula 1 Grand Prix of Spain 2009 | Montmelo | Barcelona | 8-10 may 2009
<a href=""The Circuit of Catalonia, at the Montmeló village is getting prepared for the feast of the 2009 Spanish Formula one Grand Prix. The pilots will compete to show us the best race ever. Just let's hope Fernando Alonso won't crash this year as he did in 2008. Click here for Tickets and F1 packages</a>
27/1/2009 More information
XXVII Congress of the ESCRS
The XXVII Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons will be held in the CCIB from 12th to 16th September 2009.
2/10/2008 More information
Castellers de Barcelona - Festa major Sarria - Oct 4th
Castellers de Barcelona will be present at Sarria's yearly celebrations.
26/9/2008 More information
Big Competition Hard Rock Cafe
17/9/2008 More information
International Traders Conference – ITC 2008
1/8/2008 More information
28/7/2008 More information
7/7/2008 More information
Bread & Butter
4/7/2008 More information
Expohogar 2008
23/6/2008 More information
23/6/2008 More information
Sonar 2008
From the 19 to the 21th of June in various stages will take place again the big show of Sonar
13/6/2008 More information
11/6/2008 More information
11/6/2008 More information
9/6/2008 More information
4/6/2008 More information
European Human Genetic Conference
4/6/2008 More information
European Human Genetic Conference
From the 31 of may to the 3th of june will take place at the CCIB(Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona) the European Humans Genetics Conference 2008
2/6/2008 More information
Barcelona Bridal Week
From the 27th of May to the 1rst of June will take place the complementary fairs of bridal dresses
29/5/2008 More information
35 th ECTS
27/5/2008 More information
Big Prize Motorbike GP
23/5/2008 More information
Grec festival
21/5/2008 More information
Next performance of Castellers
21/5/2008 More information
Primavera Sound
From the 29 of May the main concerts of Primavera Sound will take place at the Forum
21/5/2008 More information
Primavera Sound
From the 29 of May the main concerts of Primavera Sound will take place at the Forum
20/5/2008 More information
EuroPCR Barcelona
EuroPCR the official congress of the EAPCI (European asociation of Percutaneous cardiovascular interventions) that will take place from the 13 to the 16 of may in Barcelona at the CCIB
20/5/2008 More information
Instalmat will take place from the 14 to the 17 of may at Montjuic
16/5/2008 More information
Lesbic ambience
14/5/2008 More information
Fair MotoOh
From the 8 to the 11th of may it will be opened the second edition of the fair OHMOTO
14/5/2008 More information
International Comic Fair of Barcelona
The next 17 to the 20th of April will take place at Montjuic the Comic Fair.
14/5/2008 More information
Can you give me a ride?
14/5/2008 More information
Saint George Festivity
Books and roses International Day
14/5/2008 More information
Summer leisure time
The council propose a wide range of urban summer activities
14/5/2008 More information
Bread & Butter
Has fixed its definitive home in Barcelona
14/5/2008 More information
Logistics in Barcelona
SIL reaches the confidence of ehibitors and visitors
14/5/2008 More information
2008 Spain Grand Prix
Montmeló opens the doors to the emotion in the 52th edition of the GP Spain.The race that will be celebrated next spring, concretely from the 27th of april, is one of the more remarkable sport events in Spain. In the Circuit de Catalunya the best pilots of the world face one of the races with more tradition of the calendar. Come and enjoy comfortably the Formula One!
14/5/2008 More information
Open Sabadell Atlántico Barcelona 2008” 56th Prize Conde de Godó”
The most important event of Tennis in Barcelona, 56th Prize Conde de Godó from the 26th of April to the 4th of may
14/5/2008 More information
Tourism at Barcelona
Barcelona, leader in congresses tourism
14/5/2008 More information
One year more the international show of tourism SITC that take place in Montjuic from the 17 to the 20th of April in four pavilions arrives to Barcelona
14/5/2008 More information
International Motor Show of Barcelona
Spectacular vehicles and the newest trends
14/5/2008 More information
Flamenco Festivals
Tradition, soul, life and music, all together in Barcelona
14/5/2008 More information
The Police in Barcelona
We are The Police and we're back!
14/5/2008 More information
The Rolling Stones in Barcelona
The mythical band want to compensate their fans for last year disappointment
14/5/2008 More information
Summercase 2007
Indie music in the Forum Park
14/5/2008 More information
The Cirque du Soleil comes to Barcelona
The best circus in the world shows its Alegria
7/5/2008 More information
Vets Meeting
Southern European Veterinary Conference in Barcelona
7/5/2008 More information
Sociology Congress
An international appointment
7/5/2008 More information
Congress of Anti-Ageing
7/5/2008 More information
The most important gay&lesbian festival in Europe
6/5/2008 More information
Christmas shopping in Barcelona
Cheap accommodation in Barcelona for Christmas shopping!!!
6/5/2008 More information
Cirque du Soleil
Cirque du Soleil 19-23 of December
6/5/2008 More information
Tickets for Formula 1(F1) in Barcelona 2008
Discover our offers for accommodation + tickets or Only tickets at official prices and don’t lose the best show of the world of the motor!
6/5/2008 More information
Harlem Globetrotters
The 27 of April at the Palau Sant Jordi at 17’00 the Harlem Globetrotters will offer their big sportive, humoristic and with a lot of juggle show for all the publics
6/5/2008 More information
Bread&Butter 2008
The most important fashion fair in Europe, the Bread&Butter (BB), is coming back in Barcelona, from 16th to 18th of January 2008. The fashion tradeshow will bring together the most representative brands, both national and international, but also designers, new trends, fashion, glamour, fashion shows and creativity.
6/5/2008 More information
Meeting of the EAO
The annual meeting organized by EAO (European Association for Osseointegration) will take place this year in Barcelona, from 25th to 27th of October, in the International Convention Center in the Forum of Barcelona. Subject related with trasplants technology and improvement will be discussed.
6/5/2008 More information
Bruce Springsteen concert
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band return to Barcelona with its new disc Magic, they will act the 19 of July at the Camp Nou
6/5/2008 More information
Wintercase festival 2007
The sixth edition of the Wintercase Festival, sponsorized by the famous beer brand San Miguel and by the music label Sinnamon Records, will take place in various dates and places: Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Valencia. Its most representative characteristic, will be the same of the previous editions: blending new, standing out, talents with artists already famous in the musical environment.
6/5/2008 More information
International jazz Festival in Barcelona
The 39th edition of the most important jazz festival in Barcelona, the Voll-Damm International jazz Festival, will take place during all the month of November until the first days of December, offering us about forty concerts in different places of the city.
5/5/2008 More information
May bank holidays in Barcelona
From the 1 to the 4th of may there are some holidays in spain, spring is the perfect time to visit the warm Barcelona
4/5/2008 More information
All began on the 76 in a moment known as postpunk
29/4/2008 More information
Sonar 2008
From the 19 to the 21th of June in various stages will take place again the big show of Sonar
7/12/2007 More information
Bread & Butter Barcelona
International street culture in Barcelona
1/12/2007 More information
New Year`s Eve in Barcelona
Party and champagne
28/2/2007 More information
Parades, music and party at Carnival
The Christmas dates have already passed and the Carnival season is coming.
22/2/2007 More information
Ecocity Barcelona
Buscando modelos para una urbe sostenible
21/2/2007 More information
Degusta Barcelona
The nice taste fair
27/1/2007 More information
Graphispag Barcelona
This fair will provide design professionals with creative resources and job promotion
24/1/2007 More information
Valentine's Day
Love is in the air, now more than ever in Barcelona
11/12/2006 More information
Spending Christmas in Barcelona
Gifts and gastronomy mark the celebration of a family festivity
11/12/2006 More information
FC Barcelona - Season 2006/07
The winner of the Spanish league and the European Champions League will fight for getting the success of last season
17/11/2006 More information
3gsm WorldCongress in Barcelona
What will happen with the mobile industry?
7/11/2006 More information
Barcelona Meeting Point 2006
The biggest real estate exhibition in Europe is coming back
25/10/2006 More information
Primavera Club in Barcelona
This new winter festival could get the Primavera Sound success
6/10/2006 More information
39th Internacional Film Festival of Catalonia
Sitges will attracts the most important fantasy films over the world
22/9/2006 More information
Mercè Festival 2006 in Barcelona
Tradition and cultural diversity on the Mediterranean shore
1/9/2006 More information
World Congress of Cardiology in Barcelona
Around 20.000 visitors will take part from one of the most important medical events over the world
13/7/2006 More information
Summercase 2006 in Barcelona
Independent pop-rock and electronic music become allies in a festival which full the musical offer of quality in Barcelona
29/6/2006 More information
Bread & Butter 2006 in Barcelona
Colourful rainfall in the middle of summer
15/6/2006 More information
Gay Pride Day
A festive way to defend the sexual liberty
7/6/2006 More information
SONAR Festival 2006 in Barcelona
Are you are going to miss out on one of the most explosive events of the year?
2/6/2006 More information
Primavera Sound 2006 in Barcelona
A waste of good music to warm yourself up
18/5/2006 More information
The Guitar Festival of Barcelona 2006
The event will convince people with a wide variety of musical preferences
16/5/2006 More information
Eagles Concert in Barcelona
30 years of the best American rock conquer the Catalan Capital
15/5/2006 More information
Grand Prix Formula One in Barcelona
You will find here all the information that you can require!!
27/4/2006 More information
UEFA Champions League Final
Paris On Line offers you the best hotels and apartments in the city so that you only think about enjoying the match of the year!!
6/4/2006 More information
The XII Olympic Sailing Week of Barcelona
Discover the city from the sea!
13/3/2006 More information
ALIMENTARIA 2006 in Barcelona
The international food and beverage fair in Barcelona celebrate its 30th Anniversary with a forecast of 150.000 visitors
2/2/2006 More information
Barcelona On Line at the World Travel Market
The fair celebrates its 25th anniversary
5/8/2005 More information
The 2005 Grec Festival in Barcelona
The event emphasizes on creativity and internationalization in its theatre, dance and music shows
15/7/2005 More information
Barcelona On Line at the IGC in Barcelona
“The companies which participate on the Internet should internationalize their strategy according to the language and the socio-cultural aspects of their target”
29/5/2005 More information
Primavera Sound 2005
The veteran bands of the eighties mix together with the coolness of the “new” talents
26/5/2005 More information
VII Pharmaceutical products european congress: INFARMA 2005
The different industry modalities will be at the event
26/5/2005 More information
Pielespaña, the International Leather Fashion Exhibition
It is a unique opportunity to inform yourself and exchange trends
26/5/2005 More information
Barcelona Tecnoalimentaria
50.000 visitors will be at the event
26/5/2005 More information
The congress will receive Pharmacy and Para-pharmacy specialists
26/5/2005 More information
The most complete food technology event in Spain
26/5/2005 More information
Dralion: more than you can imagine
<em>Cirque du Soleil </em>donates 800 entrances of this show to the Foundation ADSIS for the social insertion of marginalized youths
26/5/2005 More information
Barcelona International Motorshow 2005
The unstoppable rise of the sales of cars anticipates the success of the 2005 edition
13/5/2005 More information
Conference of HEDNA 2005 in Barcelona
Nowadays the tourists prefer to organize their vacations on their own to reduce the prices
10/5/2005 More information
The Conference of HEDNA in Barcelona
The Association directs its efforts to intensify the online hotel distribution
21/3/2005 More information
The travel agency brings light to its extensive offer of tourist services directed to the visitors of Barcelona
9/12/2004 More information
25 years dedicated to the design and avant-garde
24/11/2004 More information
Médecins français en colère se retrouvent à Barcelone du 6 au 8 décembre 2004
24/11/2004 More information
Barcelona Hayride
Country, rockabilly, Blues, Jazz, Swing…
2/11/2004 More information
International Tuning Fair
Interested in rally cars. Formula 1, or upgrading your own car in any way imaginable? Then the first International Tuning fair in Spain might be an event you don’t want to miss out on. 3,4 and 5 December the Fira in Barcelona will be hosting a fair exclusively dedicated to the world of car and motor tuning and all sorts of racing accessories will be on display. Different kinds of car audio will be exhibited, and paint and brush materials, chemical products, tires, lubricants and components. A large number of tuning clubs is present at this fair that will promise to be an encounter between professionals in the tuning business, and those interested in knowing more about how to personalize your beloved vehicle. About 150 industry brands will have stands, and on top of that, visitors will be able to see a variety of different shows, expositions and competitions. The event is organized by MotorPress-Iberica, and more than 60.000 car and motor aficionados are expected to show up.
14/10/2004 More information
43º Barcelona International Boat Show
Barcelona international Boat Show : more boat, more space and more exhibitors!
7/9/2004 More information
BCN Fashion Week
Barcelona está de moda hasta finales de esta semana. La BCN Fashion Week llena la ciudad de los diseños más recientes. La Pasarela Gaudí, BCN showrooms y Modafad son algunas de las apuestas para la ocasión.
6/9/2004 More information
From 23 to 27 October 2004, the Hostelco fair will return to the Fira de Barcelona.
6/9/2004 More information
Barcelona Meeting Point
The Professional Exhibition at Barcelona Meeting Point, the top European real estate show for professionals in the industry takes place from September 28th to October 1st (the General Attendance Hall remains open until the 3rd of October).
19/8/2004 More information
Maxi Tuning Show Montmelo
Interested in rally cars, Formula 1, or upgrading your own car in any way imaginable?
23/7/2004 More information
Fiestas de la Mercè
The week of 20-26 september the city of Barcelona will celebrate one of its most special festivities, honouring its patroness, la Mercè.
25/5/2004 More information
Sting & Lenny Kravitz in concert
Barcelona will hold next June two of the most important concerts of the year: Sting and Lenny Kravitz presents their last works.
20/5/2004 More information
Extravaganza by Herbalife 2004
The bests Herbalife distributors are meeting in Barcelona
17/5/2004 More information
Parliament of the World's Religions
The 2004 Parliament of the World's Religions is taking place in Barcelona from 7th to 13th July. It will be one of the most multitudinary dialogues of the "Forum Universal de las Culturas".
5/5/2004 More information
The future of city-breaks
Silvia Martino, Barcelona On Line's CEO, takes part in the VI forum ACAV about the changes and tendencies in the travel consume.
22/4/2004 More information
European Dog Show
Which is the prettiest one?
20/4/2004 More information
Primavera Sound arrives to Barcelona
The best electronic, pop and rock music lands in Barcelona in spring
19/4/2004 More information
Motorpro Show
The professional show for automotive services
22/3/2004 More information
Barcelona Olympic Sailing Week
The Olympic Sailing Week arrives to Barcelona next 26th March. During 5 days the waters of the city’s harbour will held the best regattas of the moment.
17/3/2004 More information
30th Annual meeting of the EBMT
From 28th to 31st March, Barcelona will receive hundreds of medicine professionals. The Palau de Congressos de Catalunya is the stage where experts will present and discuss the last progresses in transplantation techniques.
17/3/2004 More information
Eric Clapton in Barcelona
The british bluesman acts next 24rd March in Palau Sant Jordi and it could be the last time!
26/2/2004 More information
Disney on ice
From 26th to 29 th February, you can enjoy the spectacle 'Disney on ice: 100 Years of Magical Moments' at Palau Sant Jordi.
12/2/2004 More information
Carnival 2004
Prepare your disguise and masks and live the Carnival in Barcelona and surroundings
9/2/2004 More information
Dalí. Exhibition at Caixaforum
"La Caixa" Foundation presents in the CaixaForum, in conjunction with the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, a major unprecedented exhibition consisting of over 400 works by the genius, as part of the Dalí Year.
16/1/2004 More information
Barcelona On Line in FITUR
Barcelona On Line presented during 28th, 29th, 30th 31st and 1st February its accommodation and travel offers at the XXIV edition of Fitur, the International Fair of Tourism that takes place in Madrid annually.
11/12/2003 More information
Elton John at Palau Sant Jordi
Finally the artist is going to act next 21st December in Barcelona
28/11/2003 More information
International Film Festival Sitges 2003
The festival returns to its origins with terror and fantastic films
17/11/2003 More information
Wintercase Festival of Indie Music
Barcelona will be plenty of independent music next days
3/11/2003 More information
Fito Páez in concert
The argentine singer acts in Barcelona next 4th November
3/11/2003 More information
International Jazz Festival
The 35th edition of the International Jazz Festival takes place in Barcelona until the next 29th November.
29/8/2003 More information
Mercè celebration
From 19th to 24th September Barcelona celebrates the Mercè party.
22/8/2003 More information
Woody Allen + New Orleans Jazz Band
Next 6th September in Auditori we could see the cineast in concert...
1/8/2003 More information
Mas i Mas Jazz Festival
The first Mas i Mas Jazz Festival edition will be inaugurated in Liceu.
19/6/2003 More information
The Gamper Trophy at Camp Nou
The 38th Trofeu Joan Gamper features FC Barcelona against Boca Juniors at Camp Nou.
19/6/2003 More information
'Festa de la música' in Barcelona
Next 21st June Barcelona will celebrate the "Festa de la Música" (Music party), just the first summer day.
19/6/2003 More information
Doctor Music Day
Next 21st June the Doctor Music Day will be celebrated in Barcelona with groups as: Metallica, Linkin Park, Zwan, Sôber,...
19/6/2003 More information
ROLLING STONES in Barcelona!
The tickets will be available from 17th March and they will cost from 42 to 151 euros.
19/6/2003 More information
'La Traviata' in Liceu
The theatre will show the 2001-2002 season's performance of 'La Traviata' in the Great Hall.
18/6/2003 More information
Summer festival GREC 2003
The 26th summer festival of Barcelona, Grec, will be celebrated from 25th June to 31 July.
18/6/2003 More information
BAM: Independent Music Festival of Barcelona
The Independent Music Festival of Barcelona, BAM, takes place during the Mercè celebration.
18/6/2003 More information
Santana in concert
Next 23 September the artist will offer a concert in Palau Sant Jordi de Barcelona.
16/6/2003 More information
10th FINA World Championships
You could enjoy this swimming world championships from 13rd to 27th July! Don't lose it!
19/5/2003 More information
Ariel Rot presents his new album
"Lo siento Frank" is the last Ariel Rot's album. You could enjoy of his music in the concert that the artist will offer in Barcelona next 13rd June.
19/5/2003 More information
Peter Gabriel in concert
Peter Gabriel will be in concert in Barcelona next 1st June.
18/5/2003 More information
Argentinian ballet
Julio Bocca presents from 10th to 15th july "Bocca Tango", a ballet show.
18/5/2003 More information
Kandinsky exhibition
Until 24th September everybody can visit the Kandinsky exhibition in La Pedrera, a Gaudi's building.
16/5/2003 More information
Ballet of Moscow
Ballet of Moscow offers in Barcelona "El lago de los cisnes".
16/5/2003 More information
XXXIV Trofeo Internacional de Natación ciudad de Barcelona
This international swimming trophy will be celebrated on 14th and 15th June.
12/5/2003 More information
“Un Nuevo Tango”
"Un nuevo tango" is a show in honoring to Astor Piazzolla. You could see it in Barcelona, Luz de Gas, next 7th June.
5/5/2003 More information
Spanish Fórmula 1: 2003 Grand Prix
From 2nd to 4t May will takes place the Spanish F-1 Grand Prix in Circuit de Catalunya (Montmeló).
30/4/2003 More information
Euroleague Final Four in Barcelona!
From 9th to 11th May the Final Four takes place in the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. Don't lose it!
29/4/2003 More information
Made in Argentina
Excellent and emotive theatre representation about the reality of Argentina: from 23rd April to 11st May in Barcelona's Teatro Novedades.
29/4/2003 More information
Yachting in Barcelona
In May Barcelona becomes the yachting international city because it holds three of the most important Trophy competitions.
28/4/2003 More information
Bruce Springsteen again in Barcelona
The most popular American rock star, Bruce Springsteen, will come back on stage on May 17th for his only concert in Spain.
23/4/2003 More information
Bon Jovi tour
One of the best rock shows arrive to Spain: Bounge tour 2003, the Bon Jovi tour.
22/4/2003 More information
Primavera Sound 2003
Next 23rd and 24th May Barcelona receives the Primavera Sound 2003 music festival.
21/4/2003 More information
SONAR 2003
The festival will be celebrated in Barcelona from 12th to 14th June. One of the most important stars of this edition will be Björk.
10/4/2003 More information
Tom Jones in concert!
Next 15th June Tom Jones will come to Barcelona to seduce his fans in a concert in the Palau Sant Jordi.
9/4/2003 More information
Automobile International Fair
The 32nd edition of the event in Barcelona is presented more than ever as the authentic Automobile Fair of Spain.
9/4/2003 More information
Open Seat Godó
From 19th to 27th April the Open Seat Godó tennis competition will take place in Barcelona.
2/4/2003 More information
Tango in Barcelona
If you love the argentinian dance, the can't lose the show "Simplemente tango" next 5th April in Luz de Gas.
27/3/2003 More information
PAUL McCARTNEY offers 2 concerts!
The exBeatle will be in concert in Barcelona next 28th and 29th March. The tickets for the first concert are sold-out, so he has decided to repeat in our city the 29th March.
27/3/2003 More information
Concert against the war!
Barcelona wants to give peace a chance next 30th March, so the city will celebrate a concert against the war.
26/3/2003 More information
International Tourism Fair of Catalonia: SITC
The International Tourism Fair of Catalonia will be celebrated in Barcelona from 3rd to 6th April.
26/3/2003 More information
Cursa de bombers
Next 30th March takes place the "Cursa de bombers" in Barcelona, sign in already!
23/3/2003 More information
Una noche de Tango
From 12th March the company Tango por dos presents the most beautiful Argentinian art: the tango.
20/3/2003 More information
Picasso's exhibition
From 18th February to 18th May the Museu Picasso of Barcelona exposes the collection "Picasso: de la caricatura a la metamorfosis de estilo".
17/3/2003 More information
Internacional Festival of Argentine Tango in Barcelona
From 17th to 21st April Barcelona becomes the tango european city because it holds the festival "Viva 5 días de tango y pasión".
17/3/2003 More information
2003: Design Year in Barcelona
Barcelona is celebrating the "Any del Disseny 2003". The celebration pretents to approach the people to the creativity world.
10/3/2003 More information
Peter Pan, "El musical"
Peter Pan will be represented until next 23rd March.
4/3/2003 More information
Joan Manuel Serrat in concert
Joan Manuel Serrat offers a concert next 4th March in Teatre Tivoli.
27/2/2003 More information
Barcelona European Golf Show
From 27th February to 1st March takes place the European Golf Show in Barcelona.
25/2/2003 More information
Manu Chao offers two concerts in Barcelona!
The creator of "Clandestino" will be in concert on 25th and 26th February in Sala Apolo.
20/2/2003 More information
CARNIVAL 2003 in Barcelona
From 27th February to 9th March Barcelona celebrates the Carnival 2003!
20/2/2003 More information
"La Bella y la Bestia" on ice
From 27th February to 2nd March 2003 "La bella y la bestia on ice" will be in Palau Sant Jordi.
12/2/2003 More information
Champions league: FC Barcelona - Inter de Milan
Next 18th February there will be a Champion's League match between FC Barcelona and Inter de Milan.
3/2/2003 More information
FITUR 2003: Internacional Tourism Trade Fair
From 29th January to 2nd February the 23rd Fitur edition has taken place in Madrid.
30/1/2003 More information
From 4th to 9th February the mediterranean city celebrates the new edition of MODA DE BARCELONA - BCN FASHION WEEK that will integrate Pasarela Gaudí, FAD, Circuit and the Moda Barcelona Salon.
30/1/2003 More information
Graphispag 2003 in Fira de Barcelona
From 10th to 16th February you have a date with the graphic sector
22/1/2003 More information
Tradicionarius: folk festival
The XVI edition of the international folk festival will take Barcelona from 10th January to 11th April.
22/1/2003 More information
Bryan Adams comes to Barcelona
The canadian music Bryan Adams will be in concert in Barcelona on February 21st. The rocker will play again in Palau Sant Jordi, where he has always had a great success.
22/1/2003 More information
Barnasants music festival
Barcelona invites you to celebrate the 8th Barnasants edition from 23rd January to 28th February. The festival offers the most representative Catalan and Latin artists concerts.
12/1/2003 More information
Festival del Mil.lenni IV Edition in Barcelona
The Festival del Mil.leni takes place in Barcelona from 11th December to 30th January.
1/11/2002 More information
The 41 edition of the Nautical International Fair of Barcelona
The present edition installs for the first time at the enclosure Montjuïc 2 (M2) and maintains the village and the boats on the Dock of Spain at the Port Vell of Barcelona.
25/9/2002 More information
2002. International Gaudí year
Barcelona anniversary declares the 2002 year the Gaudí International to commemorate its 150. The programme most excellent activities for this year, are between Easter and the celebrations of the Mercè, in September.
25/9/2002 More information
Discover the most mysterious and Bohemian side of Barcelona
This autumn, discover Barcelona through the mysteries and living legends of the Gothic Quarter, with the Ghost Walking Tour, or by the enchantments of Bohemian Barcelona through the Picasso Walking Tour. Book your tickets right now!
19/9/2002 More information
Mercè 2002. The “gran Fiesta Mayor” of Barcelona
From the 15 to the 24 of September. Hundreds of activities will be carried out to celebrate like every year, the great Celebration of our city.
13/9/2002 More information
Saturday 14th September, will act Chayanne in the Palau Sant Jordi de Montjuïc.The concert is at 9:30 pm. No you lose this appointment if you are a fan of the attractive Puerto Rican.
31/8/2002 More information
Discover Gaudí with Barcelona On Line
Book our Gaudi Route and win a free Barcelona Card!! Click here and see also other special packages for this season.
31/8/2002 More information
Latest Hotel offer
Enjoy a very special price for a room in the latest 5 stars Hotel of the city !!! We offer you these nice prices from 14th July until 1st September!!! Book it!
29/8/2002 More information
Hotel Rafaelhoteles DIAGONAL PORT, 3***<br>Special discount!!
<font color=red size=1><b> now 60€/night<br> (before 88€)</b><br></font> Click here for more information and book
28/8/2002 More information
Bailen Apartment<br> Special offer
<font color=red size=2><b>20% discount</b><br></font>Dates: 14 dic - 22 dic<br> Click here to see the apartment and book <a href="">
27/8/2002 More information
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Click here and have a look on our promotional prices that we have found right in the city center for these dates...
20/6/2002 More information
Casa Batlló is open to the public during the Gaudí year
The noble floor of Casa Batlló is open to the public since March, 20, the day of the inauguration of the Gaudï year. The visit lasts 45 minutes and is commented in six languages with an audio guide.
17/6/2002 More information
Opera Tristan und Isolda at the Gran Teatre del Liceu
What is new and revolutionary about this Tristan und Isolde is the contrast between the effect of turbulent agitation generated by the story and the almost static movement on stage. The music has the task of transmitting the emotions.
5/6/2002 More information
Sónar 2002
9º Festival Internacional de Música Avanzada y Arte Multimedia de Barcelona. This year it will be from 13th until 15th June. The address: Fira de Montjuïc 2. Metal.lúrgia Street, 65. Hospitalet de Llobregat.
30/5/2002 More information
Exhibition Joan Miró. Gaudí Series at the Fundació Miró
The exhibition is open until 1st September. Joan Miró's admiration for Gaudí's work took the form, in 1979, of a series of twenty-one etchings, stamped on paper, dedicated by the painter to the great architect.
25/5/2002 More information
Gaudí Universe at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
Gaudí Universe aims to situate and bring to light Gaudí's relationship with his contemporaries in what was literally a two-way process; in other words, who and what influenced Gaudí, and who and what Gaudí influenced.
20/5/2002 More information
Lady Macbeth in the Gran Teatro del Liceo
The Lady Macbeth opera of Msenk by Dimitri Shostakovitx is performed in the Gran Teatro del Liceo until May 26. The work is a terrible journey which ends where it began.
15/5/2002 More information
The Cirque du Soleil presents: Saltimbanco
This year again, the Cirque du Soleil is back for a European tour in six countries, with a new show, from April 26 to June 2 (at least). Calle Potosí, 2. Sant Andreu.
1/5/2002 More information
French painting of end of century XIX, in the CaixaFòrum
Eighty works of the great masters of the French painting of end of century XIX and at the beginning of the XX, from the impressionism to the first vanguards, compose the exhibition.
9/3/2002 More information
Exposition Paris - Barcelona
From the 28th February until the 26th may, you can visit the exposition which aims to show artisctic relations between Paris and Barcelona from 1888 until 1937.
12/2/2002 More information
Asger Jorn ‘s exhibition in Fundation Antoni Tapies.
From 12th February to 23rd April, the fundation Antoni Tapies with the partnership of Modern Museum and contemporany art of Estrasburg, organizes a complete exhibition of Asger Jorn’s work.
11/2/2002 More information
Bus turistic. The best transportation to get to know Barcelona
Bus Turistic, the best transportation system to get to know the most significant places in Barcelona. Get on and off the bus at your whim, enjoy the 6 languages guided tour, on either route (North and South).
10/2/2002 More information
The new Actual hotel offers accommodation with promotional rates.
An excellent 3***hotel situated next to Gaudi’s “Casa Milà - La Pedrera”, at Paseo de Gracia. It is one of the best areas in Barcelona. Elegant, and close to all significant sightseeing
9/2/2002 More information
Macbeth, will be showed at the Romea’s theatre
The Macbeth is one of the most representative Shakespeare 's work. We can assist at the production from the 13 th February until the 30 th April 2002, at the Romea’s theatre, on the Paralelo avenue.
9/2/2002 More information
International Rally of époque cars. Barcelona-Sitges
During the 2on ,3rd and 4th of march, the 44th edition of this classical appointment wil be held.It links both Catalans cities, and one hundred cars manufactured before 1924 take part.
9/2/2002 More information
Requiem of Mozart. Concert of Easter
In the incomparable frame of Santa Maria del Mar and in the Auditorium of Barcelona, it will take place during days and 28 of March 2002, 7 concerts with a common denominator: the Mozart’s Requiem.
8/2/2002 More information
Weekend cruise to Majorca
Would you like to spend a different weekend with your couple or friends? Do you need to find a special present? Did you enjoy watching “Love Boat” serial on TV? Barcelona On Line can help you!
8/2/2002 More information
XIV Food and Beverage International fair
From 4 to 8 March, Fira de Barcelona and Reed Exhibitions Iberia organize the "Alimentaria Internacional Salon" . It is the most important fair in Spain and one of the most famous in the world.
15/1/2002 More information
2002 Gaudi’s International Year
Commemoration of the 150 anniversary Gaudi’s birthday. The Generalitat de Catalunya and the Ajuntament de Barcelona, have organized a series of events for knowing his architecture work and showing his geniality.
27/12/2001 More information
39 Festival of the Infancy and the Youth
The 39 Festival of the Infancy and the Youth has opened at the Montjuïc fairground enclosure. This Festival begin to 26 December from 4 January. The Festival has activities and games for the children.
13/12/2001 More information
Forum de las Culturas 2004
The Forum de las Culturas Barcelona 2004 will begin 9 May until 26 September. During this days Barcelona will be the peace capital of the world with diverse acts and conferences.
11/12/2001 More information
Christmas at museums
The museums of Barcelona prepare diverse activities for this Christmas. Christmas at museums is a project stops the smallest in order to give to knowing the museums of the city of the most leisure way.
5/12/2001 More information
La Fira de Santa Llúcia at the Plaza de la Catedral
The traditional Fira de Santa Llúcia, where we can find all kinds of Christmas products, has established about the cathedral of Barcelona. It’s a fair of long tradition in the Catalan countries that one extends until January.
2/12/2001 More information
Barcelona inaugurates a new museum
Barcelona inaugurates a new museum with the Foundation Fran Daurel. The museum is located in the Poble Espanyol and it have a permanent exhibition of 210 works of different state artists as Picasso, Dalí or Tàpies.
28/11/2001 More information
Apartaments Offers
Barcelona has a fair and nice climate all year round. Those of you that will be travelling in December will now also find fair and nice prices at our best accommodation alternative, our private self-catering apartments.
26/11/2001 More information
The musical Notre-Dame of Paris at the Palau dels Esports
The musical Notre-Dame de Paris comes to the Palau d'Esports, which have with a new scenic space Barcelona Teatre Musical. Notre-Dame begins on November 23 and we will be able to see it until January 27 of 2002.
23/11/2001 More information
The Tap Dogs Show at the Monumental
The innovative spectacle Tap Dogs that combines the claqué with the talent and to physical force it returns to Barcelona. This year it will act in the Escenari of the Monumental until December 8.
19/11/2001 More information
Festival of Independent Cinema l'Alternativa 2001
The Festival of Independent Cinema l'Alternativa 2001 is begin in Barcelona and this year celebrates the seventh edition. The Festival, that we can see until November 24, content the young alternative directors of all over the world.
15/11/2001 More information
40 Years of Salón Náutico International of Barcelona
Montjuïc's fair space and the Moll de España of the Barcelona's Port Vell receive the 40ª edition of the Salón Náutico International of Barcelona from 17 to 25 November. It will united a whole of 500 exhibitors of 32 different countries.
12/11/2001 More information
Circus Oz at the new place l’Escenari of the Monumental
The new place reserved for spectacles called l'Escenari of the Monumental square is inaugurated with the Circus Oz, a great contemporary, ingenious and spectacular circus that wants to provoke the public. We can see from 8 to 25 November.
8/11/2001 More information
The start of Science Week
The Science Week is a week dedicated spreading the science from different areas. The activities of this cycle, which will be realized by the whole Catalonia, from 9 November to 18 November.
5/11/2001 More information
33 International Jazz Festival of Barcelona
Barcelona is filled of jazz with the 33 Internationals Jazz Festival that it has an important success in previous editions. The Festival begins this Thursday 8th of November and it will extended until December 14.
31/10/2001 More information
Castañada’s Party
The All Saints' Day is celebrated the 1st of October and also, it’s a tradition to eat chestnuts, “panallets” and “moniatos” for these dates. The city prepares some parties to celebrate the castañada in a popular way.
30/10/2001 More information
The underground and the FGC ‘schedule is extended
The underground and the FGC ‘schedule is extended to the 00:00 a.m. from Monday to Thursday. The extended only affect to the lines 2, 3 and 5 while the lines1 and 4 will extended progressively during 2002.
25/10/2001 More information
Funicular and the blue tramway of Barcelona celebrates 100 years
One hundred years ago blue tramway and funicular of Barcelona began their run, both classic and mythical transports of the city. For this reason different acts to commemorate this anniversary are being prepared.
22/10/2001 More information
The old building Miramar in Montjuïc will be converted into a luxury hotel
The North American group The Stein Group will construct and manage a new luxury hotel in the old building Miramar (former headquarters of Television Española in Catalonia) at Montjuïc's mountain. It cost approximately 5.200 million pesetas.
15/10/2001 More information
Special accommodation offers through Barcelona On Line
Barcelona On Line offers you a number of discounts and special offers in important hotels of Barcelona. Have a wonderful stay visiting the city, booking through Barcelona On Line.
11/10/2001 More information
Barcelona Meeting Point 2001
The Real estate Fair Barcelona Meeting Point, which holds its fifth edition, will take place from the 16 to the 21 of October in the fairground of the Fira de Barcelona. It's the biggest real estate Symposium of Europe in terms of surface.
4/10/2001 More information
La Manual Alpargatera and el Pueblo español in the October Monthly Reviews
Do you know the most international espadrilles shop? Or perhaps do you like visit el Pueblo Español? You finds this and others proposes in the October Monthly reviews that offers you Barcelona On Line.
4/10/2001 More information
Theatre, music and dance cycle "Més a prop"
Barcelona is full with music, dance and theatre thanks to the cycle " Més a prop " organized by the Institute of Culture of Barcelona. This cycle presents different activities that take place in the neighbourhoods of the city.
25/9/2001 More information
The L3 Subway gets longer with three new stations
The L3 Subway gets longer with three stations: Mundet, Valladaura and Cañellas that it’s inaugurated the last Friday. The act was represented with the mayor of Barcelona, Joan Clos and the president of Catalonia, Jordi Pujol.
19/9/2001 More information
Merce’s Party
One more year, Merce’s parties, mistress of Barcelona, are here. The city turns into a party with different activities that content musical, popular and festive acts. The parties begin the 21st and finish the 24th of September, Merce's day
18/9/2001 More information
BAM 2001, Festival Barcelona Acció Musical
Festival Barcelona Acció Musical (BAM) begins in Barcelona with La Merce’s party. The Festival contents a total of 65 music performances distributed in different areas of the city. It will last from the 21st to the 23rd of September.
17/9/2001 More information
”Arquitecturas del discurso” at the Antoni Tàpies Foundation
The Antoni Tàpies Foundation organizes the exhibition " Arquitecturas del discurso " that begins on Wednesday 19th until November. The project tries to find the identity of the discursive space across a series of works.
13/9/2001 More information
Dance Days in Barcelona
The “Marató de l’Espectacle” Association organizes the festival Days of Dance that tries to fill the city with music and movement. From 13th to 16th of September we can enjoy samples of this art outdoors in different corners of the city.
5/9/2001 More information
The Swan Lake at the Liceu
The San Francisco Ballet presents one of the most popular montages of the classic digest: The Swan lake. The Liceu Theatre celebrates the 125th anniversary of the stage production premiere at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.
4/9/2001 More information
September Monthly Reviews
Barcelona On Line proposes you diverse activities in the September Monthly reviews. You can see the Merce’s party that begins in 24 September, you can find the Science Museum o dinner in the Ruccula restaurant.
4/9/2001 More information
The City of the Film-makers at the CCCB of Barcelona
This exhibition includes fragments from films, models, drawings, photographs and other elements from the work of film-makers such as Nanni Moretti, David Lynch, Fernando Leon and Bigas Luna.
27/8/2001 More information
The Ballet of the Ivori Coast at the Goya theatre
The Goya theatre welcomes the Ivori Coast National Ballet, within the cycle called “Danzas del Mundo” (dances of the world) that combines the dance and folklore of different regions. The Ballet will shows traditions until the 2 September.
21/8/2001 More information
Turbocat, new ship that will connect Barcelona and Mallorca in three hours
Turbocat is the new catamarán that will connect from August 23rd the harbours of Barcelona and Alcudia (Mallorca) in only three hours. This craft has a daily capacity for 880 passengers and different commodities.
14/8/2001 More information
Áfricas: the artist and the city, at Barcelona’s Centre de Cultura Contemporània
This sample wants to highlight the vitality and wealth of the contemporary African art and the narrow interrelationship with the process of intensive urbanization of the continent. We can see until 11th September at CCCB.
10/8/2001 More information
Special accommodation offers through Barcelona On Line
Barcelona On Line offers you a number of discounts and special offers in important hotels of Barcelona. Have a wonderful stay visiting the city, booking through Barcelona On Line.
9/8/2001 More information
Gracia’s district parties
One more year, the streets of Gracia are prepared to live the Gracia’s district parties, considered of national interest. Different acts will take place in this popular Barcelona neighbourhood from the 15th to 21st of august.
2/8/2001 More information
August Monthly Reviews
La Boqueria’s market, a restaurant of Basque food or routes in the city on foot are alternatives that you can do in your leisure time this month. Barcelona On Line proposes you diverse activities in the August Monthly reviews.
31/7/2001 More information
Barcelona’s Zoo has inaugurated new areas
The Zoo of Barcelona has inaugurated new and modern facilities this summer, which consist in a new habitat for the chimpanzees and the remodelling of the space for the jaguars. The new enclosure has 325 m2 of surface.
25/7/2001 More information
Montjuïc's fountains: Water, lights and colour show
Montjuïc's magic fountains constitute one more attraction of the city of Barcelona. The fountains were created for the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona in 1929 by the Catalan engineer Carles Buigas.
18/7/2001 More information
Film and swimming at the Picornell’s swimming pool
To do something in the warm nights of summer nothing is best than to take a bath outdoors. This is one of the offers of Picornell Swimming pool inside the program " Cine y baño" where we can watch a movie while we swim.
10/7/2001 More information
Special offers in Bel Air Hotel in July and August
The Bel Air Hotel has a special offer only available in Barcelona On Line: double room 15.000 ptas. It is a four-star hotel, of recent creation and it’s located near Sacred Family.
9/7/2001 More information
La Pedrera at night
The building created by Antoni Gaudí opens its doors at night to visitors during July, August and September. La Pedrera at night presents special activities where the public can listen to music performances.
6/7/2001 More information
Barcelona’s beaches receive the blue flag, maximum punctuation of quality
The beach’s season has begun in the city with new security services. The European Foundation of Environmental Education has granted “the blue flag” (maximum quality) to five of the six beaches in Barcelona.
3/7/2001 More information
July Monthly reviews
You can already read the July monthly reviews of Barcelona-on-line where we propose visit the museums of an entertaining way, to being present at some spectacle of the Grec or drinking a glass in Los Tilos.
3/7/2001 More information
19th General Conference of the International Council of Museums
Barcelona is the International Capital of Museums all this week until Friday 6th July. The Conference of International Council of Museums is celebrated in the city from Sunday 1st July to Friday 6th July.
26/6/2001 More information
Special offers in Confort Hotel up to July 15
The Confort Hotel has a special offer only available in Barcelona On Line: double room 15.500 ptas. + 7% I.V.A. This hotel, belongs to Medium Hotels, is of recent creation and it’s located in an important business area.
25/6/2001 More information
The Summer festival of Barcelona, the Grec, begins in Barcelona
The Barcelona Summer Festival, popularly known as the Grec Festival, is the most important cultural event in the city during the summer months. The Festival begins with the play " Don Juan o el Festí de Pedra " by Moliere.
21/6/2001 More information
The most magic night: Sant Joan
On the eve of Saint John’s day one of the most magic nights starts as the beginning of all summer parties. "Verbenas" night parties, bonfires and "cocas" (typical cake) will be present everywhere for a night full of colour and amusement.
20/6/2001 More information
The Festival of Music
On Thursday 21st of June a new edition of The Festival of Music will be held. More than a hundred cities welcome summer with this festival bringing music into public spaces.
18/6/2001 More information
Fundació Miró 25th anniversary
Fundació Miró celebrate its 25 years with diverse exhibitions and presenting its increased artistic funds along with its building expansion.
14/6/2001 More information
XVIII Show’s Marathon 15 and 16 of June
The Show’s Marathon is representated in The Mercat de les Flors Theatre. The Marathon is the party of the scenic arts where a great number of companies and individual artists present a sample of their recent work.
12/6/2001 More information
Presentation of the project of the new business centre, Metropolitan City
The Pedrosa Polygon of the Zona Franca Area will become a great centre of business dedicated to the new technologies in few years. The investment of this project will cost 30.000 million pesetas.
7/6/2001 More information
Sunday 10th of June, Open doors day for Sacred Family
The acts for Open doors day for the Sacred Family have already been presented. This day coincides with the 75th anniversary of the death of the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí.
5/6/2001 More information
The Port will have a million passengers in tourist cruises in 2015
The Port of Barcelona has presented its amplification plan that foresees a traffic of 60 million tons in goods, 3'5 million containers, 800.000 new vehicles and it will have a million passengers in 2015.
4/6/2001 More information
June Monthly reviews
You can already read the monthly reviews of Barcelona-on-line. Every month we gather different and interesting articles of bars, restaurants, museums, events, stores and hotels of Barcelona.
31/5/2001 More information
Riverdance, the bigger dance show of the world
Riverdance, one of the most original dance shows that combines Irish and international dances with Celtic music, will be able to be seen from the 12th to 17th of June in Palau Sant Jordi.
28/5/2001 More information
“Barcelona Art Report” has been inaugurated
The first edition of the art triennial “Barcelona Art Report” has been presented. An event that seeks to show creativity and thought through different exhibitions, urban happenings, workshops and debates.
25/5/2001 More information
Special offers in Gat Raval’s Inn up to June 15
The Gat Raval’s Inn, created recently, offers the whole month of May and until the end of June 15, a special offer in Barcelona On Line: double room 12.500 ptas. + I.V.A. with a 10% discount.
25/5/2001 More information
The Palau Robert presents a Gaudi and Modernism exhibition
The Palau Robert will welcome up to June 24 the “Gaudi and the Modernism” exhibition of monthly character. A sample that par excellence presents the modernist architect's work.
22/5/2001 More information
Mayumana's show at NOVEDADES till the 27th of may
Mayumana, a daring show that combines theatre, music, dancing, rythm and humor will be held at Novedades' theatre until Sunday 27th of May.
22/5/2001 More information
The Transmediterranea company renews its fleet for Barcelona-Palma distance
The company Transmediterranea has renovated its fleet to cover the itineraries that go from Barcelona to Palma of Mallorca and Valencia-Palma. Two new and big ferrys, that substitute the previous one will make route in six hours.
18/5/2001 More information
Catalunya 1000 anys m+s, multimedia show of dance, music and audio-visual
Catalunya 1000 years m+s is a show that explains the history of Catalonia by means of the dance, the music and the audiovisuals. The work takes place in the Palace of Sports and it will be possible to be seen until Sunday May 20th.
18/5/2001 More information
The new Lliure Theatre will open November
The headquarters of the new Lliure Theatre will open next November, after the agreement of the principal organisms financing it. Finally, the investment in the theatre will be of 410 million of pesetas.
15/5/2001 More information
International day of the museums, May 18
The International Day of Museums is celebrated this Friday and for this reason there will be a day of open doors in museums of the city and of Catalonia. The days "You discover a jewel of museums" will also take place from May 18 to May 20.
15/5/2001 More information
Barcelona Information Technologies, BIT 2001
The BIT 2001, centred on the electronic commerce, has opened today in the fairground enclosure Montjuïc-2 until the next Saturday, the 19th of May. The second edition of Barcelona Informations Technologies will receive up to 75.000 visits.
11/5/2001 More information
Tourism of Barcelona and the Barcelona’s Deputation promote Barcelona in Europe
The Agency of Tourist Promotion of Barcelona’s Deputation and Tourism of Barcelona have signed an agreement to promote the province and the Catalan capital in the European Union. We find the edition of a tourist guide, among other offers.
10/5/2001 More information
Aida at the Liceu
Barcelona’s opera, The Liceu, is about to offer again one of the world’s best known operas: Aida, which starts on Saturday May 12th. The opera, which is represented until May 31, recovers the stage scene arranged by Mestre Cabanes in 1945.
10/5/2001 More information
Rafael Hotels' brand new hotel in Barcelona
Rafael Hotels has officially inaugurated its first hotel in Barcelona. Rafael Diagonal Hotel is located on the sea side (Front Maritim), next to the Marina, an excellent and very well communicated location.
9/5/2001 More information
The Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona presents the project "The Agencies"
The MACBA, Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona presented the project " The Agencies " belonging to the cycle Barcelona Art Report "Experiences". The project is born from the research on different and alternative museum models.
9/5/2001 More information
Caixa Catalunya Foundation presents “Èxodes” exhibition.
Caixa Catalunya Foundation exhibits "Èxodes", 300 photos by Brazilian artist Sebastiao Salgado. The sample is centred on the forced emigration of millions of persons due to poverty, starvation and war.
7/5/2001 More information
Hotel Colon’s 50th anniversary
Hotel Colon, one of the most emblematic hotels of the city, celebrates its 50th anniversary. It’s one of the oldest hotels in Barcelona and all kind of personalities from the cinema, culture and music have been lodged in.
4/5/2001 More information
Youth Hostel Gothic Point, was recently inaugurated in the Gothic area
Youth Hostel Gothic Point, located in the very centre of Barcelona was recently inaugurated. It is in c/Vigatans in the gothic quarter, closed to Picasso Museum and to Sta. Maria del Mar church.
4/5/2001 More information
Barcelona, candidate site for European Food Authority
Barcelona’s mayor, Joan Clos, Generalitat de Catalonia’s president Jordi Pujol and Foreign Office minister, Josep Piqué attended to the presentation of the candidacy of Barcelona for the European Food Authority.
3/5/2001 More information
International Comic Fair 19th edition from 3rd to 6th of May
International Comic Exhibition has already opened its doors to the public at Estació de França of Barcelona and it will last until the 6th of May. The Fair has not only consolidated as one of the main comic Europe fairs but from the world
3/5/2001 More information
Underground line 9 gets approval from La Generalitat
The new underground line will link Badalona and Santa Coloma to the Prat Airport. 240.000 million pesetas will be invested on the project.
3/5/2001 More information
May monthly reviews
You can already read the monthly reviews of Barcelona-on-line. Every month we gather different and interesting articles of bars, restaurants, museums, events, stores and hotels of Barcelona.
27/4/2001 More information
“Are you afraid” play premier in May 3rd at the Muntaner theatre
Les culpables (The Guilties) theatre company performs Are you afraid? at Muntaner theatre. The play that was already presented in the Tàrrega’s Theater Fair, is based on a new screenplay and arrives now in Barcelona, will last until June 3
24/4/2001 More information
Bac Art, art gallery dedicated to the cinema, music, cartoons and comic
Bac Art, the first art gallery in Spain dedicated to show and sell cinema, music, cartoons and comic materias. From Animation and Comic Art to cinema, music and sports star’s autographs, everything can be found in the gallery.
24/4/2001 More information
Spanish Cruise Line’s company starts a program of cruises in Barcelona
The company Spanish Cruise Line begins a program of cruises through the Mediterranean Sea departing and arriving to Barcelona. Mean price for the 32 foreseen cruises will be 200.000 pesetas.
20/4/2001 More information
49th Conde de Godó Tennis Trophy from 21 to 29 April
Conde de Godó Trophy will be held between Saturday 21st of April and Sunday 29th of April at Real Club of Tennis of Barcelona.
20/4/2001 More information
Citytv, the new Barcelona’s tv channel, will start broadcasting on 23rd April
Citytv, the new Barcelona’s television channel, will start broadcasting on Saint Jordi’s day, April 23d. This channel is a project of Grupo Godó, that targets a public between 18 and 40 years. There will be programs 24 hours a day.
19/4/2001 More information
Friday 20th of April, Open doors day for sciences museums of Barcelona
Open doors day for sciences museums of Barcelona, will stand for Geology and Zoology museums and the Botanical Garden on Friday 20th of April.
19/4/2001 More information
II Catalonia’s Latin Sail Cup in Barcelona
The second edition of Catalonia’s Latin Sail Cup will depart from the Royal Maritime Club of Barcelona next 28th, 29th and 30th of April. The regatta is bound to revitalize the latin and traditional sailing.
18/4/2001 More information
Clos and Cascos sign an agreement to settle the TGV in Barcelona
Public Works minister, Francisco Álvarez Cascos, and Barcelona's mayor, Joan Clos, have signed the agreement concerning the route of the high speed train (TGV) in the city.
17/4/2001 More information
The Boqueria’s Market celebrates its renewal
After almost two years of works, the Mercat de la Boqueria in Ciutat Vella is going to celebrate together with its clients the end of its renewal.
10/4/2001 More information
The 2001 Barcelona International Motor Show
Barcelona's International Automobile Fair 2001 will be held at Fira de Barcelona - Montjuïc 1 between the 19th and 27th of May 2001. The Fair will sit on more than 100.000 m2 of exhibition area.
9/4/2001 More information
Barcelona and Hospitalet fair are going to be connected by bus
Bus number 79 will start next Tuesdaty 10th of April, connection service between fair 1 at Plaça d’Espanya, and fair 2, at Pedrosa polygon in the Hospitalet of Llobregat (town near of Barcelona). This service will replace former EB line.
9/4/2001 More information
Victor Burgin’s art works at the Antoni Tàpies Foundation
Antoni Tàpies Foundation presents Victor Burgin’s retrospective art works from 6th of April until 17th of June. The artist has developed a critical work of art combining images and text.
9/4/2001 More information
Construmat will sit on both Barcelona’s Fair halls
Construmat (The International Construction Fair), will be held between April 23 and 28. The fair will become Spain's largest in terms of exhibition space, as it will use up both exhibition halls (Montjuïc 1 and Montjuïc 2 ) for first time.
3/4/2001 More information
22 RENFE’s stations join the integrated ticket agreement
Another step has been made in the process of integrating the transport system tickets, with the integration of 22 RENFE’s stations of the suburbs of Barcelona. Passengers can now use tickets T-50/30 and T-10 too.
30/3/2001 More information
Albert Gleizes exhibition at Museo Picasso
Albert Gleizes (Paris, 1881 – Avignon, 1953), painter and cubist theoretic. Exhibition will remain open until 5th of August, it brings together 150 works, which depict the full evolution of the painter, from impressionism to religious works
27/3/2001 More information
Nouvel outlines a projectile 142 meters high at Glòries
Inspired by Montserrat and Gaudi Catalan tradition, Agbar tower with its almost circular plant slightly oval will resemble a projectile, even from Jules Verne’s “Earth to the Moon”. Total surface will be 50,693 square meters.
27/3/2001 More information
Albert Ràfols-Casamada exhibition at MACBA
Running from 22nd March until 20th May this exhibition fits into one of the main goals of this museum: the study of the main authors of the second half of the 20th century. Selection includes one hundred of his works.
20/3/2001 More information
Mythic post war Pegasos are shown at Centre de Cultura Contemporània.
Mirage memories: fifty’s competition and sport Pegasos. Ending June the 4th, the exposition includes 11 out of 86 of such amazing cars which were built between 1951 and 1957, while Spain was deeply immersed in the gray post war.
12/3/2001 More information
The Born Market will be a reference library the year 2004.
The Born Market, opened in 1876 and closed in 1977, is going to be inaugurated as a public library in the year 2004. City Council, Generalitat and Central Government have agreed to make the project a reality.
7/3/2001 More information
U2, their unique concert in Spain will be held in Barcelona on August 8th.
The only concert of the U2 world "Elevetion Tour" in Spain will be in August at Barcelona. The tour will begin on March 24 in Miami and will end on August 25 in Dublin, place where they grew as a band.
6/3/2001 More information
The city has a new free newspaper called "Metro Directo".
Barcelona has since yesterday a new free newspaper called "Metro Directo". This is the second that sets up in the city following “Barcelona y Más” which appeared last November.
5/3/2001 More information
XII Barcelona Guitar Festival
From March 29 to June 27 is going to take place in different places of the city the XII Barcelona Guitar Festival that this year has one of the bests programmes of its history. Flamenco is in this occasion the protagonist style.
5/3/2001 More information
Special price at the St. Moritz Hotel **** during March.
The Hotel St. Moritz, located in the centre of Barcelona and catalogued as an Historic Building, brings this month a special offer through Barcelona On Line: Double room with breakfast and taxes included for only 20.400 pesetas.
2/3/2001 More information
Good flamenco shows in Barcelona
Although its origin and bigger expression is in southern Spain, Barcelona has a few places with high quality flamenco shows, that accompanied with a good dinner, can provide you a wonderful evening.
27/2/2001 More information
Els Comediants present for the first time "Boccato di Cardinale"
The theatre company Els Comediants open this new show that combines the gastronomy with their comical vocation. Live music, magical ambient and food, all together with the original distinctive humour of the company.
26/2/2001 More information
2002, Gaudi's International Year
Next year, the 150th birthday of the architect is going to be commemorated. Under the City Council initiative a certain number of activities have been set up for visitors and locals in memorial of Antonio Gaudi.
23/2/2001 More information
Barcelona will use the Tram again by the end of year 2003.
The works on the Trambaix, the tram that will connect Barcelona with different villages of the Baix Llobregat, are going to start in May. It is intended that Barcelona enjoys the Tram as a massive public transport, as it was back to 1971.
22/2/2001 More information
Iberia will increase next summer the number of flights from Barcelona to Africa
Iberia is going to schedule next summer an extra daily flight to connect Barcelona to Cairo, Tel Aviv, Tunis, Rome, Brussels, Milan, Geneva and Frankfurt. It is a measure to consolidate the airport of the city.
21/2/2001 More information
Barcelona will increase the number of cameras on the streets
Barcelona will install about twenty cameras observing the places with semaphore that have a big number of car accidents. This system will allow detecting the cars that doesn't respect the red light, an important cause of the accidents.
21/2/2001 More information
High economic interests in Gran Via de Carlos III
La Caixa and the firm Vertix have joined the neighbours demanding the complete covering of Gran Via de Carlos III. Both have offered to the city Council to give a small part of the covering works budget.
16/2/2001 More information
Guided and individual visits through the hidden Barcelona
Barcelona On Line gives you a service with different guided visits, specialized and different through those areas of the city that you are more interested on. More information at
15/2/2001 More information
The popular "Feria de Abril" this year at the Mar Bella, Barcelona
The Feria de Abril, that is traditionally celebrated in Sant Adrià del Besós, is moving for the next few years to the Mar Bella area in Barcelona. The celebration has its origins in Andalusia and its culture.
15/2/2001 More information
International Rally Barcelona-Sitges, classic cars race.
On Saturday March the 3rd is going to take place the new edition of the Rally Barcelona-Sitges of old cars. The participants, dressed for the occasion, cooperate and try to make the journey a big party for those who love the classic cars.
15/2/2001 More information
Barcelona restores the Picasso friezes established 40 years ago.
The Picasso friezes at the seat of the Col.legi d'Arquitectes in front of the Cathedral will be restored by the Norwegian painter, sculptor and photographer Carl Nesjar, who made in 1961 the graffitos of the friezes.
15/2/2001 More information
The Bicycle, the best way to get to know the city.
A different way and really interesting to get to know Barcelona is cycling through the city. You have the possibility to contract daily or night routes, individual or specially for groups in our booking service.
9/2/2001 More information
Citytv, new Barcelona´s television channel
The city is going to have very soon a new television channel called Citytv. The channel is going to be seen in all the area of Barcelona, 24 hours a day, seven days per week. The broadcast is going to start before April the 30th.
9/2/2001 More information
Barnacentre receives more than one million visitors per week
Barnacentre, pioneer association that has more than a thousand stores from the gotic quarter of Barcelona, receive more than one million visitors considering the results of a market research.
9/2/2001 More information
The TGV (high speed train) will ignore Barcelona´s Airport
The Ministerio de Fomento discards the proposals of the Catalan administrations, Generalitat and city halls of Barcelona and those of the Baix Llobregat, that wanted the train running through the Airport and use Sagrera as central station.
6/2/2001 More information
The XXIst edition of Fitur has been held in Madrid until February the forth.
More than 60.000m2 , a total number of 170 countries and almost 8.300 firms, between them "Turisme de Barcelona", has been from January 31st to February 4th in Fitur, the more important fair of Spain within the tourism sector.
6/2/2001 More information
Barcelona Dragons, the football team from the city is already 10 years old
To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Barcelona Dragons they´ve created a special ticket to assist to all the games of the year at the Barcelona Olympic Stadium. In 1997 Barcelona Dragons were at the peak and won the World Bowl.
5/2/2001 More information
The author of the Guggenheim will construct in the Sagrera area.
The architect Frank Gehry, author among other pieces of the Guggenheim of Bilbao and the Golden Fish of the Olympic Village of Barcelona, will reorganize the railroad triangle of Sant Andreu-Sagrera.
2/2/2001 More information
The "Círculo del Liceo" accept women as members
After a tense voting the "Círculo del Liceo" ended during the January 31st General Assembly with a hundred and fifty years of masculine exclusivity with the acceptance of women as complete right members of the private club.
2/2/2001 More information
The hunger strike of the immigrants goes on
The protest of more than 600 immigrants who claim for their regularization goes on in eight barcelonan churches. Twenty one thousand signatures and support providing clothes, sanitary material and water encourage the replevy.
1/2/2001 More information
Fira de Barcelona is going to be the first having an "on line" version
Fira de Barcelona thanks to its "on line" version will be the first permanent fair opening 24 hours a day 365 days per year. The project is part of the Strategic Plan of the fair, that goes from now to the year 2010.
1/2/2001 More information
Exhibition about Pere Portabella until March 28th at the MACBA
Pere Portabella (Figueres 1927) is known for its cinematographic and artistic works since the fifties, as well as for his antifranquist opposition and his politic and institutional dedication during the Spanish transition to democracy.
31/1/2001 More information
Barcelona Airport excels thanks to its expansion process
Barcelona Airport has experienced a qualitative change during last years. The works have given the Airport a very good reputation among all the others in Europe. The origins of the present airport go back to 1942.
30/1/2001 More information
The reconstruction of the Liceu wan a Europa Nostra prize
Reconstruction of the Gran Teatre del Liceu, after a fire that almost destroyed it completely in January the 31st of 1.994, has been awarded with an Europa Nostra prize, devoted to the preservation of the natural and architectonic heritage.
25/1/2001 More information
An innovative metro line will cross the city.
The future L-9 of the metro of Barcelona will have a unique tunnel with the two directions superposed and separated by an interposed slab. The new project is the only one in the world with those characteristics.
24/1/2001 More information
"Las Arenas", a project of a complete change.
The architect Richard Rogers and the team from Barcelona formed by "Alonso i Balaguer" are finishing the project that would transform the bullfighting arena of Plaza España in a new cultural, shopping and business centre.
22/1/2001 More information
The Palau de la Música Catalana grows.
The more emblematic of the concert halls of Barcelona has entered to the year 2001 immersed in a full process of transformation which is going to finish in two years.
17/1/2001 More information
Barcelona will probably have its own Love Parade this year.
Mythic is the tecno festival celebrated every month of July in Berlin: the Love Parade. Barcelona, like other cities have done, is probably going to celebrate this year its own Love Parade.
15/1/2001 More information
On March the 18th the city will celebrate its traditional Marathon (40 Km.). You're all invited, from elderly to youth, to the first Marathon of the new millennium and help the city to become a great sportive party.
8/1/2001 More information
The barcelonan restaurant "Àbac" receive a Michelin star.
Xavier Pellicer, kitchen chef of the restaurant Àbac in Rec street 79, has received its first star of the most famous gastronomic guide, the Michelin.
8/1/2001 More information
Mercat de les Flors begins its night multi entertainment proposal
Beginning next 13th of January until 26th of May, el Mercat de les Flors is going to open as a night entertainment space where different artistic events are going to take place in its different areas.
8/1/2001 More information
The vault of the Sagrada Familia is already finished.
The year 2.000 ended in Barcelona with a multitudinous mass in the temple of the Sagrada Família that for the first time had a complete covering of the central nave. The works of the vault have been recently finished.
4/1/2001 More information
Inaugurated in Barcelona the "Chocolate Museum"
Located in the old convent of Sant Agustí (XIVth and XVth centuries) and with 600 m2, the museum will also welcome the new school of cakes and chocolates of the Gremi de Pastissers (bakers corporation).
4/1/2001 More information
BTV, a really desired candy.
Nine different societies are taking place on the open competition to get the management of the municipal television BTV. During the next few weeks the city council is going to announce the winner.
28/12/2000 More information
End of the first expansion phase of the fairground Montjuïc 2.
The first expansion fase of the fairground Montjuïc 2 is ending this month. The enclosure grows this way 77,000 m2.
21/12/2000 More information
ETA strikes again in Barcelona
20th December, a local policeman was shot dead by two murders, supposedly members of the terrorist group ETA. The victim, Juan Miguel Gervilla, caught the two terrorists in the Diagonal, while they were preparing a new bomb.
21/12/2000 More information
Christmas Swimming Cup at the Port.
The next 25th of December at noon will take place the 91st edition of the Copa Nadal de natació at the Port (Christmas Swimming Cup) that, like every year since 1907, organizes the Club Natació de Barcelona.
20/12/2000 More information
Tourism is going to create 9.000 new jobs in Barcelona.
Attending to the previsions of the consortium "Turisme de Barcelona", travel industry is going to create 9.000 new jobs in Barcelona from now to the year 2003, mostly in hostel industry and restoration.
20/12/2000 More information
Private collections opened to everybody.
The Fundació Francisco Godia presents the new season with the clear intention of promoting the diffusion of private collections and make them attainable to the citizens.
18/12/2000 More information
Opening ceremony for the Abba Sants Hotel
Abba Sants Hotel official opening ceremony was held past 14th December. Even though the hotel was already working since September.
15/12/2000 More information
The Race of the millenium.
On December 31st "The Race" is going to start in Barcelona, a boat race where the fastest sailboats of the planet are going to travel around the world whithout technique assistence and making no scales.
13/12/2000 More information
European meeting of young people in Barcelona.
Barcelona celebrates the 23rd edition of the European meeting of young people organized by the religious community of Taizé.
8/12/2000 More information
Universitat de Barcelona 550th anniversary
The first university of Catalonia celebrates its 550 anniversary with future expectations and an exposition in its central building in Ronda Universitat where visitors can review its history.
8/12/2000 More information
The painters from the Ramblas accept orders by Internet
People who'd like a work by an artist from the Ramblas only has to click the mouse. The Internet portal has been working for three weeks and has already received more than forty orders.
4/12/2000 More information
600 Anniversary of the Palau de la Generalitat.
Because of the anniversary, a DVD audiovisual that explains the origin and history of the Generalitat has been published. During the next months 800 million ptas. will be invested for the restoration of the building.
30/11/2000 More information
Boi's Romanic art and Roman city ofTarragona inscribed in World Heritage List
UNESCO has included in the World Heritage list nominations for the romanic churches of the Boí Valley and the Imperial Tarraco, the Roman city of Tarragona.
30/11/2000 More information
Art, culture and thought with Articket.
Articket is an entrance that offers the possibility to visit six of the more important art centres of Barcelona enjoying 50% discount. The proposals include from romanic art to contemporary expressions.
29/11/2000 More information
Expositions ART I TEMPS (Art & Time) at the CCCB until February the 25th.
CCCB presents the exposition ART I TEMPS, an exhibition conducted by the Centre Georges Pompidou collaborating with the IRCAM and the CCCB, in charge of the musical and cinematographic sections respectively.
27/11/2000 More information
Zeleste reopens with the name of Razzmatazz
Tiger Bay S.L. Company has officially assured that Razzmatazz is going on. Barcelona recovers a place with a mid and small capacity for musical events and consolidates this way the concerts supply for the city.
18/11/2000 More information
New public exposition centre in Barcelona
La Generalitat de Catalunya is going to open a new art and exposition centre in Portaferrissa Street.
// More information
Spain wins the Davis Cup for the first time in its history.
National men tennis team won yesterday at the Palau Sant Jordi of Barcelona and for the first time in its history the trophy that crowns the team as the best of the year 2000.
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