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Barcelona is, without any doubt, the place where you will find the most incredible variety of restaurants. Starting with the excellent "Cuina Catalana" (Catalan cuisine), the panorama reviews all aspects of the Spanish "buena mesa" from all regions, to the most refined and diverse international cuisine.

Blessed with a high density of restaurants, the city somewhere hosts the place that will suit you; there are restaurants for all tastes, budgets, occasions or whims. Anyway, here are some TIPS to help you chose..

In the Old Town as well as in GrÓcia, you will find nice tiny restaurants, generally inexpensive. Though of many kinds, most are specialised in typical torrades (toasted bread) with sausages, pates or cheese, salads, etc. .

All sorts of restaurants are to be found in the Eixample, usually slightly more up market. You'll find there many "design" places, although Chinese, Italian and pizzas restaurants abound.

If you want to have fish, seafood or paella, the best thing to do is go to the Barceloneta, where you'll find a more familiar and traditional atmosphere; more recent and "chic", at the Port Vell and Port OlÝmpic.

To have a light or varied dinner, the best thing to do is have some tapas, at one of the taverns of the Old Town; for instance, at C. de la MercŔ and around the main Post office, the typical taverns or "tascas", with specialities such as panter's milk, cider, Cabrales cheese, etc. L'Eixample has also an excellent offer of tapas and pinchos.

Do not forget fast-foods if you need to save time. Beside the typical American fast-food, you can also find the Catalan version (crackling sandwiches of all kind, with the famous "pa amb tomÓquet", bread with tomato)..

If you're in for an economical meal, remember that almost every restaurant offers a menu at lunchtime, with prices varying between 6 and 15 €.

Finally, we strongly suggest you not to leave Catalunya without trying the excellent "Cuina Catalana", that you can find in plenty of places, at a wide range of prices.

To help you decide, we enclose bellow a short, but meticulously selected list of restaurants, classified by area and cuisine, representative of the whole offer of Barcelona. We are sure this list will fulfil your needs, but please don't hesitate to send us any suggestion you might have!

Catalan cuisine. Typical Catalan dishes, from the different counties that make up our country.

Do you want to see a tipical catalan menu?

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