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Hotel hcc montblanc

Hotel hcc montblanc

C.  Via Laietana, 61.
Barcelona, 08003
(Ciutat Vella)


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Tel. (+34) 93 343 79 93
Fax (+34) 93 317 11 55
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Hotel hcc montblanc:

Rating: 662

 192 customer and visitors comments and hotel reviews : Hotel hcc montblanc
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  • No train to the airport in Bcna
  • The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona until 2018.
  • 080 Barcelona Fashion
  • The "outraged" tried to bar the way to parliamentaries.
  • Free download Gaudí Barcelona Roadbook for children
  • New museums and reopening in Barcelona
  • Ban on nudity and semi nudity in Barcelona
  • FC Barcelona wins the UEFA Champions league 2011
  • "Outraged" in Plaza Catalunya
  • Xavier Trias will be the new mayor of Barcelona
  • More news
    20/06/2012 - 21/06/2012
    Madonna in concert
    14/06/2012 - 16/06/2012
    Sónar Barcelona 2012
    30/05/2012 - 03/06/2012
    San Miguel Primavera Sound 2012
    17/05/2012 - 18/05/2012
    Bruce Springsteen in concert
    27/02/2012 - 01/03/2012
    Mobile World Congress 2012
    22/09/2011 - 29/09/2011
    ITMA 2011 in Barcelona
    10/09/2011 - 11/09/2011
    Hispack 2012
    19/05/2011 - 02/06/2011
    Smart urban stage in Barcelona
    09/03/2011 - 29/05/2011
    Opera & Flamenco

    Barri Gòtic - Ramblas, Barcelona

    3 star (***)

    One of the biggest 3*** hotels in the historical, commercial and tourist centre of Barcelona.

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    web (08/04/2009 15:41:00)
    Hotel had very helpfull reception staff. Menu of the day was excellent and extremely good value


    web (09/11/2005 9:28:00)
    Good Morning,
    We had a fabulous time in Barcelona.
    The hotel is ideally located for visiting the sights, on a busy road but once inside the hotel, the atmosphere is restful.
    The rooms were very comfortable and clean, and the staff were well organised, pleasant and helpful.
    I would recommend this hotel, especially for groups.
    Thank you for your help.


    web (09/05/2005 12:16:00)
    The Hotel was good but the room had no view at all, this should have been specified from the beginning.


    web (07/07/2003 20:08:00)
    è un'hotel fantastico, pulito si direbbe un 4 stelle, molto elegante, nel centro di barcellona , designe molto interessante


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