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Hotel catalonia born (catalonia princesa)

Hotel catalonia born (catalonia princesa)

C  Rec Comptal, 16-18.
Barcelona, 08003
(Ciutat Vella)


Booking phone:
Tel. (+34) 93 343 79 93
Fax (+34) 93 317 11 55

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Hotel catalonia born (catalonia princesa):

Getting there:

Edificio histrico
Born - Ciutadella Park, Barcelona

4 star (****)

Hotel recently opened (2002), situated in the historical centre.

from 37,5€/Person
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web (15/06/2005 16:22:00)
the holtels is in a great location a short walk from many of the top sites in barcelona. The staff were excellent when we visited and it location to the metro made getting around the city relly easy.


web (08/06/2004 12:24:00)
Pequeo y acojedor, y adems justo al lado del Born donde hay muchos bares y restaurantes de moda


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