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You first send us a request form (New Enquiry)

Once we receive your form, and depending on the reason of the trip or type of event, we'll assign a specialised person who will be in charge of your group during the whole process.

The person in charge will open a file with the name of the group or the event, and refer it to you. For further communications (by email, phone or fax), we suggest you to always refer to this name, to avoid confusions.

As a general rule, if the information received from your form is enough, we proceed to check availability and to quote all services demanded, specially accommodation. If we need more information, we contact you, asking for every additional detail.

As soon as we receive interesting offers, we propose them to you, with all the necessary information, so you can compare. Mainly, we'll be giving you accurate descriptions of every service, location, rates, booking conditions, option dates, etc.

If necessary, we can organize a preliminary checking visit to the place or places, so you (or another trusted person) can check it personally and decide between different alternatives, to be sure of the event success.

When you confirm the reservation, we'll take care of all steps, till the final confirmation, sending you all the documentation that is needed. We'll also take care of all final details, such as the rooming list, arrival times, etc.

If Barcelona On Line is providing you a guide to coordinate all activities booked, we'll inform you about the person details and the meeting point. On the contrary, we'll give you a contact phone for emergencies.

Finally, we'll wish you a very pleasant stay in Barcelona!

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