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Lowest Price Guarantee - LPG

Barcelona On Line’s commitment is to help visitors to find the most adequate accommodation solution, in terms of your budget, of the quality you want to have, of location of hotel, of service offered… but we also know that PRICE is fundamental, and for this reason have instituted our Lowest Price Guarantee (LPG).

  • Purpose: to offer our users the Lowest Possible Price to be found in Barcelona for accommodation.
  • Regardless… of where you find it !!!

How does it work?
Just make your reservation with us. Once your booking is made, in case you are able to find the same reservation you have made in the same 24h period at a lower price, Barcelona On Line will apply to your reservation the same rates you have found and discount any possible cancellation fee others may ask you, so your final price is the same or even better. In case we cannot make this discount, we will cancel your reservation at no cost.


Too good to be true?
Read the fine print, and we are sure you will find out this is the fairest guarantee you will find anywhere else.

How can Barcelona On Line do that?
This is quite simple: our company is locally based, and specializes exclusively in Barcelona. We have thus not only the “bulk power” other companies claim to have, but something much more important: a very special and long-term relationship with hotels and apartments, based on mutual trust, true mutual knowledge and continuous relationship.


Here is the fine print… not too fine, not too long !!!

1. The Lowest Price Guarantee automatically applies to these properties identified as such on our on line reservation system. For the rest of properties, we will try nonetheless to apply it.
2. The Lowest Price Guarantee applies to hotel and apartments reservations in Barcelona. Unlike others, it is NOT limited to reservations made over the Internet.
3. In order for the guarantee to apply, the competitive reservation must be real and identical:
a. Within the same 24h period
b. At the same hotel or apartment
c. For the same dates, number and type of rooms
d. There must be real availability, confirmed by the hotel or apartment, not just advertising of prices.
4. The guarantee does NOT apply automatically for reservations made within the 48h before your arrival, though we will consider them as well.

T to claim the guarantee, just send us an email with your reservation Id., so we can find your file, and all the evidence you found about a cheaper alternative to and we’ll answer you quickly.

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