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Tailor made visits in Barcelona and Catalunya

Barcelona is a city with a thousand faces. Its history, art, culture and modernity have made of this Mediterranean city a never ending source of strolls, visits discoveries...

If you want to go out of the beaten track, and personalise a visit for your group; if you have a special interest for a determined field (Romanic Art, for instance); or you wish to discover not only the City but its surroundings, too; or maybe you wish to aquire an in-deep knowledge about a specific area (The Universal Exhibition, or the 1992 Olympics, for instance); or a museum lover, you wish to fully discover one of our museums (National Romanic Art Museum, Picasso Museum, the City's History Museum, ...); or if you simply wish a guided tour, well organized and exclusive to your group...

PFor groups and small groups, Icono Serveis Culturals will design a custom-made visit. Tell them what you are looking for, or just let them art, culture and tourism specialised guides assess you.

Catering for every language, on foot, by bus, 4h, 6h or all day visits...

Let you be inspired by some examples, but bear in mind that they can assess you and design for you whatever personal idea you may have

For enquiries and bookings, please contact us.

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