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Barcelona is one of those cities that, as hard as one tries, it seems almost impossible to get to know completely.

There always seems to be something new or which we did not notice before, and the streets are a surprising and lively mixture of art and history. From the Romans to Modernism, from the Mediterranean to the Collserola mountains, from the Gothic Cathedral to the Modernist Temple of Sagrada Família… there are so many versions of Barcelona and so many things to discover, monuments, singular buildings, big streets and unnoticed ones, lively corners, strange items of urban furniture, and so on.

By the hand of Icono Serveis Culturals, Barcelona On Line wishes to present you with something different to discover our City. It is an alternative or complement to the classic sightseeing tour. Itineraries to be made on foot, through both the best and less known places. Designed for individuals or groups who want to live and enjoy the culture of our city on an "out of the beaten track" way.

Each of the proposed routes covers a different area of the city. They are designed around a theme, a framework upon which is built the visit, which will get you to know everything of interest in the area.

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