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Barcelona On Line est un guide d'information touristique de Barcelone officiellement autorisé. Surfez notre site pour y trouver tout ce que l'on peut visiter à Barcelone, comment arriver (compagnies low cost de/a Barcelona), où aller, où et que manger, restaurants et autres, où se loger, bars et discos. Information objective sur Barcelone, avec commentaires de nos visiteurs pour mieux découvrir les hôtels et petits hotels pas chers de Barcelone (hostal, pension). Si vous voyagez en famille, en voyage d'affaires pour quelques jours ou plus, pourquoi ne pas découvrir une alternative d'hébergement et louer l'un de nos appartements touristiques tout équipés?

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Automobile International Fair - 04/09/2003 18:34:21
The Fair starts under the protection of three basic axis: confirmed presence of all the brands; organization of the maximum number of activities for visitors, and celebration of a prestigious international symposium. This three axis and the coincidence of the event with the Grand Prix of Spain of Formule 1 will turn Barcelona into the world capital of the automobile during some days. The fairground Montjuïc of Fira de Barcelona, with 250.000 sq.m of surface, will be fully occupied. It will be held from the 26th of April to the 4th of May 2003, and two days before will be reserved for the press (24th and 25th of April), although this second day will be shared with the professional visitors. The opening hours for visitors will be ininterrupted, from 10 to 20, from Monday to Thursday; while Friday, Saturday, Sunday and festives the closing hour will be one hour later. With the foreseen visit of one milion people, the Barcelona Fair will become the most popular of the country, as corresponds to a city and a community that lifçve the automotive world with passion and interest.

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