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Barcelona On Line est un guide d'information touristique de Barcelone officiellement autorisé. Surfez notre site pour y trouver tout ce que l'on peut visiter à Barcelone, comment arriver (compagnies low cost de/a Barcelona), où aller, où et que manger, restaurants et autres, où se loger, bars et discos. Information objective sur Barcelone, avec commentaires de nos visiteurs pour mieux découvrir les hôtels et petits hotels pas chers de Barcelone (hostal, pension). Si vous voyagez en famille, en voyage d'affaires pour quelques jours ou plus, pourquoi ne pas découvrir une alternative d'hébergement et louer l'un de nos appartements touristiques tout équipés?

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Barcelona On Line at the World Travel Market - 11/17/2004
From the 8th until the 11th of November Barcelona On Line participated in one of the most relevant meetings of the international tourist sector; The World Travel Market (WTM) in London. In the area of Catalonia, at the ExCel enclosure, its stand monopolized the attention from numerous important participants of the event, as an effect of its proposal specialized on the city of Barcelona. Particularly, many of the visitants showed their inclination toward the new affiliation program of Barcelona On Line (a system which allows its affiliates to accede all of the hotels and apartments offered through the Catalan Web and to book directly on-line), motivated, partly by the important tourist demand which the city provokes, possibly one of the most required present destinies by the foreign traveller.

In the 2004 edition of the WTM, coinciding with its 25 anniversary, the atmosphere was more relaxed and professional than during its previous years. Like remarkable tendencies that have been let notice in the fair, an unstoppable implantation of the new technologies is appraised, viewed by the entire sector like a new opportunity that appears and that one must take advantage of. The growing prominence of these remains patent in the interview carried out to the CEO of Barcelona On Line, Silvia Martino, in the Telenotícies of noon emitted by TV3 last November 17.

Also, it is perceived as the companies are weaving complex networks of interrelation, an example of this is the business-to-business contacts established between the participants of the WTM, impacting in the work of channels before vetoed and giving priority al professionalism and to the people that act in the tourist sector.

After a descent of the tourism in the three last years, caused by the attacks of the 11th of September and the crisis of the SARS, it has been reflected in this last edition that the sector enjoys again from good health. This circumstance has been seen translated in an increase of the participation, of more than 2% with respect to 2003, with some 46.000 visitors and 5.000 exhibitors of 194 countries, in a surface of 39.500 square meters.

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