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Dralion: more than you can imagine - 01/13/2005
Cirque du Soleil arrives at Barcelona with a solidary aim. As done in other occasions, the circus company has yielded 800 entrances for the session of the Drailon show for April 27 to the Foundation ADSIS, NGO that acts together and for the youths. The sum collected with the sale of the entrances will be entirely destined to the social and labour insertion of the youths of Barcelona in situation of risk and marginalization.

Dralion is the fusion between the old tradition of the Chinese circus and the customary avant-gardism focus of the company. For that reason the root of the name of the show proceeds from one of the most extended oriental symbols –the dragon- while the second part (lion) represents the West.

The numbers which conform the show rotate around the four elements –earth, fire, sea and air – portrayed with a more than varied musical supports. Styles which are very different from the oriental music, such as Arabian, African and flamenco melodies, accompany the spectacular combination of theatre, dance and acrobatics put in scene by 55 artists of diverse parts of the world. From 17th of March to 15 of May they will delight Barcelona with Dralion.


Guy Laliberté, a Canadian accordionist and fire eater with extensive experience in the world of circus, decides in 1982 to gather a group of young street artists from Quebec to put together a show in which reign the innovation: decorated and extravagant wardrobes, music out of the circus canons and a play of lights that transports the spectator to a world of fantasy and ingenuity.

The Foundation ADSIS

Cirque du Soleil, besides producing and creating shows, dedicates resources to help the youths less privileged of the entire world. The last month of November a part of the incomes obtained in Madrid with the Drailon show were destined to the organization Intermon Oxfam. In this occasion, in Barcelona, Foundation ADSIS will be the responsible for distributing 800 entrances for the “special session” of April 27. The entire value of its sale will be directed exclusively to charitable aims.

Call 902 367 665 to reserve your entrances and enjoy a show in which you can also participate.

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