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Barcelona On Line est un guide d'information touristique de Barcelone officiellement autorisé. Surfez notre site pour y trouver tout ce que l'on peut visiter à Barcelone, comment arriver (compagnies low cost de/a Barcelona), où aller, où et que manger, restaurants et autres, où se loger, bars et discos. Information objective sur Barcelone, avec commentaires de nos visiteurs pour mieux découvrir les hôtels et petits hotels pas chers de Barcelone (hostal, pension). Si vous voyagez en famille, en voyage d'affaires pour quelques jours ou plus, pourquoi ne pas découvrir une alternative d'hébergement et louer l'un de nos appartements touristiques tout équipés?

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Barcelona On Line at the IGC in Barcelona - 06/14/2005
“The socio-cultural aspects of the targeted public of a web and the characteristics of the different languages that speak should directly impact the elaboration of a international strategy, without forgetting the local client”, stated Sabrina Pesarini, the Director of the Marketing Department of the travel agency Barcelona On Line, last 10th of June in the 7ª edition of the Internet Global Congress of Barcelona.

In other words, the Marketing Director reckoned that the incorporation of own aspects of the community to which a business is directed (slang, metaphors, symbols, etc.) and to adapt, not to translate, the offered information is a necessary action to “internationalize the business”. Briefly, one should reach a new client, the “Glocal”, whom speaks and seeks information in different languages and with diverse habits of conduct.

Knowing the Internet behaviour of this user “who seeks information in its own language” is indispensable to conquer him/her. As a practical example, “large search engines such as Google or Yahoo already offers local versions -like Google Spain and Google UK- and the information in these databases are indexed in the client’s mother tongue”, explained Pesarini. In the tourist industry, webs like Expedia or Rates to Go have directed their efforts to adapt themselves to this reality.

Barcelona On Line

In the case of Barcelona On Line, the adopted strategy has the multilingualism and multiculturalism as its reference point for its application to all the activities of the company”. The information offered by the web is rewritten in Catalonian, Spanish, English, French and Italian, and is communicated on the basis of the socio-cultural values of the different targets to whom it’s directed.

“A multilingual and multicultural staff that knows to grasp the different needs and sensibilities of the targeted audience” is outlined as an indispensable condition to practise a successful communication in businesses which develops and provides its activity on the Internet”, concluded Sabrina Pesarini.

The numbers of the Congress

The Internet Global Congress (IGC) took place in Barcelona from the 6th until the 10th of June in the Palace of Congresses of Montjuïc. Its seventh edition consolidated them as the reference Congress about technology, innovation and the digital society in Spain.

About 2.500 specialists, professional and opinion leaders of the world industry of the new technologies participated with their interventions. Among them the emphasize is upon the creator of the free programming movement, Richard Stallman; the futuristic Jeff Wacker, the vice president of IBM, Irving Wladawsky; and the Brazilian Marcelo D’Elia Branco, one of the main driving forces of the FP in Latin America.

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