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Barcelona On Line est un guide d'information touristique de Barcelone officiellement autorisé. Surfez notre site pour y trouver tout ce que l'on peut visiter à Barcelone, comment arriver (compagnies low cost de/a Barcelona), où aller, où et que manger, restaurants et autres, où se loger, bars et discos. Information objective sur Barcelone, avec commentaires de nos visiteurs pour mieux découvrir les hôtels et petits hotels pas chers de Barcelone (hostal, pension). Si vous voyagez en famille, en voyage d'affaires pour quelques jours ou plus, pourquoi ne pas découvrir une alternative d'hébergement et louer l'un de nos appartements touristiques tout équipés?

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The XII Olympic Sailing Week of Barcelona - 02/02/2006
As a welcome the hottest seasons of the year, from the 31st of March until the 4th of April 2006 the Mediterranean ocean of Barcelona receives the Pharo boat race, more known as the Olympic Sailing Week of Barcelona, The trophy city of Barcelona. The competition has its starting point in the Olympic Port and has every year been organized by the Catalonian Sailing Federation.

This annual event is characterized by attracting the most important personalities of sailing at the international level, as it creates one of the competitions where the sportsmen from the whole world are tested in their preparations to confront the long and hard summer season, which is always filled with competitions. Its recognition by the ISAF (The International Confederacy of Candle) as a Boat Race of level 2 proves the importance of this competition, which shows through maximum competitiveness and score.

The sea is part of Barcelona and, therefore, this is one of the best ways to live the city from its warm waters. It is the perfect opportunity to attend the symbiosis of the elements that best define the character of the Catalonian capital: the Mediterranean, the heat, the cosmopolitan character and the tradition.

For more information about the Pharo Boat Race just click here .

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